💧Tips to up your water wellness

Drinking enough water can be challenging and sometimes time-consuming.

(Hello, bathroom, we meet again)

But it’s worth it! According to the Harvard Medical School Special Health Report, here are some of water’s many important jobs:

◾carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells

◾flushing bacteria from your bladder

◾aiding digestion

◾preventing constipation

◾normalizing blood pressure

◾cushioning joints

◾protecting organs and tissues

◾regulating body temperature

◾maintaining electrolyte (sodium) balance

Setting a WATER INTAKE GOAL is a great place to start. Try a water intake calculator online, or speak with your healthcare practitioner if you need help!

Next, set a TIME GOAL. Do your best to finish specific amounts of water by midday, midafternoon, and so on.

Finally, AMPLIFY your water wellness with YL Vitality Drops. These delicious additions let you hydrate naturally without sugar or artificial colors.

Do you drink enough water? Let us know your goal in the comments!

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💧 Add 1-2 drops to 16 oz of water.

😋 You can slowly add more to taste.

🥛 Use a glass or stainless steel cup.