04 JUN 2023 What Kind of Filters Do You Use


So amazed that it is Sunday again, and even more amazed am I that it is June.


Can you believe it’s already June well?


June is exciting for me because it’s my birthday month.


It started off already with this bright full moon, so I’m kind of excited and really moving.


So today I’m choosing to play a bowl which has lots of the gold in it.


It is the gold, rose quartz, which is a gentle harmonizing energy of the heart, and platinum.


So it is just loaded with lots of beautiful, beautiful frequencies.


And I hope that these frequencies will come through the recorder so that you can hear them, as well as just sensing them.


So just apply whatever essential oils you have chosen for this particular morning, to just apply them, breathe in, and listen to this beautiful rose quartz platinum bowl filled with 24 karat gold.


Yesterday was the blessing of all of the metal.


The tools that are made from metal, cars, everything, including the extra blessings on my bell, so I would be remiss if I did not ring the manku bell, the beautiful meditation bell that is lined with 24 karat gold. So just breathe in these transformative gentle energies.


And happy, happy Sunday again, or whenever you’re watching this.


While I was preparing this morning, “What kind of filters are you using?”


That title came to me because, well, for many reasons.


While I was preparing, I was thinking about the way I have been feeling recently.  In fact this kind of came up.


I was doing the Rainbow Healing Cards and talking about Rainbow Healing System with our staff members yesterday, and it – and this visual – came to me.  And this morning as I was preparing, I kind of jotted these down.  Now remember, I am not an artist.


But I, this is the way I kind of, this is the way I would choose for my life to be.  That I start up here and I go in a spiral, getting down


I don’t know if you can see this where the center is the desired peace and harmony and everything working together.  So it’s just a constant getting closer and closer.


This is the way I visualise the journey of the glyphs, the transformational journey that I call the G.A.R.Y. Series: Grow Actively Refining Yourself.


And I was thinking. See, you get to hear all about my inner thoughts.


And when Frances starts thinking it’s, you never know what’s coming out.


This is the way I’ve been feeling.


I’m involved in a lot of things.


This is peace and harmony in the middle here.


I don’t know if you can see it.


I hope it’s coming through on the camera.  But that’s the peace and harmony, and I feel like I’m on this outer wheel going round and round with all these different activities, all these different things requiring my energy.


And their own little wheels outside.


So it was an eye opener to me.


I’m a very visual person, so it kind of brought it into focus.


Wait a minute, Frances, why are you feeling this way?


What is it that you’re NOT doing or what is it that you ARE doing? So.


I took a few breaths and I thought, what is it, first of all?


What is the desired outcome?


What is your desired outcome?


What is my desired outcome?


Well, my desired outcome is always, always.


I pulled out three of Gary’s blends, because they tell me exactly what I need.


Harmony. Harmony is at the top of my choose-to-have-in-my-life list, my refinement list.


Harmony on all levels.  When we have harmony at the physical level, there is no illness or disease or pain.


It is: Everything works together.


When we have harmony in the emotional level,


then we’re not all running around in 25 different directions. We just require taking a breath and taking another look. Would you agree?


The second thing that I – the second blend that I pulled out, just to kind of hopefully attempt to keep me on track,


was Joy. I choose to have joy in my life.


What about you?


Do you choose to have?


You may choose to have something else.  Now, this is a word that I did not like for most of my life.


I really didn’t like the word joy, because I didn’t really understand that that was a potential possibility.


I’m, I’m a work – let’s put it in perspective here: I was a workaholic.


So, for most of my life and joy is not part of that joy.


The only joy really in being a workaholic as I was, and totally, totally, totally focused on goals all the time, another goal, another goal, check them off the list, was just –  it, it just wasn’t part of my life.


It was achievement that that gave me that momentary glow, if you will.


So, living in a state of joy.


In fact, I’ve talked before about this, that that I didn’t like the aroma of Joy blend.


That’s how bad it was for me.


And when Gary said that if he ever was in a position to hire a crop duster and spray the world with Joy, he would be so happy! And I thought to myself, and I would run as far as I could, because the aroma triggered me.


So, I’m going to breathe.


I’ve used some, I’m going to use some more, and I’m going to put it all over my, my whole energy field.


All over me.  And actually, I have come to like the word, the aroma of Joy.  My third


thing on my refinement list is always to reach my highest potential in each present moment.  And, perhaps I should have pulled out Present Time, rather than Highest Potential, because our highest potential does change, according to, from one moment to the next.


What is your highest potential in this moment may have nothing to do with the others.


So, let me take a deep breath and get back to where I really was thinking I would talk about.  And that is, you know, what – all of the filters, in fact I came up with –


What did I say?


This came to me this morning, and I actually wrote it down.


The filters we choose will colour our lives.




You know me and colour.


I love colour.


I’m all dressed in my orangey red.


Today is excitement for this full moon that we have just been experiencing, these fiery energies, the energies that will precipitate change.


Bringing about change, which can be viewed according to your perspective, as letting go of stuff that is scary.  That you know, that you don’t really… clinging onto the things that you’re holding on to, that you really are afraid to let go.  Fear.




Or,  that fiery energy, that orangey-golden orange and lemony energy, which the full moon is supporting us in achieving, it’s all about that excitement.  Bringing the excitement of newness, of leaving behind that heaviness.  The heaviness that holds, the sadness, the depression, the pain.


All of the things that are holding you back.


So, what about filters? Now, how many of you have used filters on your phone?


Is there anyone of you who does, who doesn’t touch up your photos of yourself on your phone or photos of anything?


Actually, believe it or not, I don’t.


At one time I did.


Well, I attempted, but I’m – that was not one of my great skills.


So, what you see when you see a photo of me is my unretouched selfie.


Now the phone may automatically do some things, but at any rate, it’s really what you see is what you get now.


Having said that.


Everything, every energy that’s out there, is constantly interacting with our field.  And we have the opportunity to filter those energies.  Because when they come into our field, we’re going to, to change. Our energy, our frequency is going to change.


So, it is our choice what we allow to enter our field.


Now, what really started me thinking about the word filter was that I was talking about water and how we are very proud of our water at Fuller Life Bali, because it is not only well water from very, very deep well.


And I’m sorry, my lights went out.


I hope my, my,  I wonder whether I’m still recording? OK.


Well, well, well. At 11:11, the electricity must have gone off it. The generator would have kicked back in, but it took 30 seconds.


And all this time lapsed in here.


I don’t know if any of you are still waiting for me to come back online.


But I am back with another post, unfortunately. So, at any rate, isn’t that interesting that it happened right at 11:11? That number just comes up all the time for me. However, I was talking about filters and the filters that we have on our water.


We have so many water filters on them, and that is exactly what we’re doing when we are allowing other things to come into our field.  When we are choosing to interact with others.


Thank you so much. I’m glad to see some people back on and all of these will be posted on my Facebook pages.


Never know what the problem is, except I believe that the electricity, because the lights went out as well as the connection to the Internet, that that it takes 30 seconds for our generator to kick in.


So, let’s see if I can get back to anywhere that I was actually thinking about, because it totally distracts my brain thinking about this.


Speaking of the brain, we tend to filter the things that come in through our brains, because that’s the way most of us were wired to do.


Would you agree?


We’re wired to think about things logically.  Now, I – as a math teacher, as a math person – growing up, everything was totally, totally wired to think.  To, to put everything through the brain.


If it’s not logical, if it doesn’t go through properly, then that’s not the appropriate choice.


And guess what?


That IS not necessarily the most appropriate choice for you, at any given time.  Because the brain wants to control everything.  And the brain often does not choose to listen to the guidance that you’re getting from the Source.


So, Rainbow Healing is all about just making that connection with the Source and listening to your guidance.


Now you know, over the last weeks I’ve talked about our Checking In.  And checking in is the key. Paying attention!  So, you know, I’ve changed the names of some of the steps from time to time, just according to what I was feeling, in that moment.


That is a key: In that moment.  We are different in every moment.


So, as we allow ourselves to be in those present moments.  We can allow ourselves to filter things differently, to do things differently, to believe things differently.


So, we are not stuck in the old ways.


That’s what a full moon is all about:  letting go of the old ways that do not serve you.


Does this mean “everything?” No, of course not!


It means the things that are really not moving you forward.


And many times, this is our biggest obstacle, because our brain tells us to do something totally different from what our heart would tell us to do.


Do any of you resonate with that thought?


It’s as if our heart gets pushed down.


What really is in our heart, we often truly, truly don’t even realise is there.


And we pay attention only to what has been put into the brain, kind of like, you know, the computer.  Our brain is our computer.


It directs things, just like a computer motherboard.  And a computer can only give you answers as good as the data that’s put into the computer.


So, if we are getting our data from external sources rather than from our connection with the Creator, that may not be the correct, the best, the optimal way for you to operate at any given time.


Am I making any sense at all?


So, I’ve decided I love the word “filters.”


Are there any words that trigger you? I’ve mentioned that the word Joy triggered me for much of my life.


Because that was just not a word I understood. I’m really beginning to understand it now and I’m so excited.


However, the word “boundaries,” which I’ve talked about the boundaries in creating the Sacred Space, keeping the chaos and the distractions outside with boundaries.


Well, that word, Boundaries, triggers me.


I wrote about it.  I put it in my books. I’ve used it for years, but it still triggers me every time I say it, see it or think it.


So I’ve decided I’m going to switch over and use a softer word and the word filter or filters came to my mind, because to me a filter is a gentle sifting out of things, whereas a boundary is a rigid.


I am looking for flexibility in my life.  Flexibility, because we live in a world of change.


Change is inevitable and somehow I feel that, you know, we used to be running at top speed, the planet, and now the planet has jumped on the Concorde, and it’s like it’s going so fast.


There’s just no time to do anything.


Do any of you feel that way?


I don’t know where the month of May went.  For June to be here is just startling to me.


So, as we are filtering things, it feels a little more flexible to me than a boundary.


Whatever works for you, is perfect for me, so I’m going to just today  – ask  – suggestion – because we hit that little lapse in there trying to get back online, I kind of missed my whole train of thought and we’re running a bit over time, however…


Just pay attention to your filters that you’re using.


Are you connecting with the Source through your heart, and allowing that to come into colour, (I love colour) to colour your world? Because your world is coloured by what you allow, what energies you allow in.  Or are we bringing in, we’re putting our boundaries up, or bringing things into the head, and bypassing the heart overriding the heart?


What can I say?  Most of my life was lived overriding the heart for what was the logical thing.


So, taking stock, being aware is the most important thing we can do and that’s why the checking in and those steps that I gave.  You know, we need to make that connection with the Source and have our Sacred Space created so that we are in a place where harmony, joy and highest potential are actually reasonable.


They are possible outcomes and leaving all that other stuff behind, being willing to be flexible.


So, I’ve talked in the past of the 8, the 8 words that are not actually my words, they’re in my books but


Robert Tennyson Stevens gave these many, many, many, many, many, many years ago, and they are these words where we have often have blocks and never realised that we have blocks there.


So, who knows the glyph that is all about clearing blocks?


The very first one, because when we have blocks, we’re not going to go farther when we’re blocked.  If we have a blocked drain, we’re not going to go farther until we do something about it.


For those of, many people here in Asia, have been doing experiencing the Master Cleanse in the recent weeks to get ready for all this change.


And that’s all about clearing the blocks in the physical level.  So, this will clear them on all levels and that is that oil, that single oil of geranium, the crystal of rhodochrosite.


So, as you’re going through these words, I like to do my muscle testing those 8 words.


Just to put them in here, they are:  I can, I am, I will, I choose, I have, I love, I create, I enjoy.  Now, they’re in a particular order because if you have a block at one of them, you’re not going to get down to the rest of them.


OK.  So, it’s about testing, or checking out, each one of them.


Play with them.


See whether you really are clear on those particular things, because that can make a huge difference.


When I sat down and did my clearing this morning when I was feeling like this…


Using a few oils, taking a few breaths and going through those 8 words, going through the Checking In steps actually, and then doing those 8 words, really made a difference because I now feel that I’m back on this path.


And I’m looking forward to every single moment of the rest of this day.


Does that mean that I’m going to remain feeling calm, in harmony, joy reaching my highest potential all day long? Maybe not.


It would be nice to think I would, however it’s quite possible that something is going to come in to distract me and to shake up my energy, to interact, so checking in often.  Checking in, and that “Am I in present time?”


Am I clear?


Am I in present time?


You know, “Am I clear” is those 8 words.  Now, is my connection clear, and am I clear on all those 8 words – I can, I am, I will, I choose, I have, I love, I create, and I enjoy – the word joy there again.


So, am I in present time? And then that biggest one of all perhaps, but you can’t do it unless you get all the way down to the end is:


Am I listening to my guidance?


Am I listening through my heart?


Am I attempting to just listen through my brain?  So, as you go forward this week, have FUN, check out your filters.

00:27:14 See, see what’s going on, and just enjoy.  Choose to enjoy and to be flexible, rather than rigidly holding on to ideas that may no longer be serving you.  So have a wonderful, wonderful week and I’ll see you next week.