21 MAY 2023 Getting Into the Flow


Good morning, good morning and happy Sunday or whatever day it is.


It is a beautiful, beautiful, sunny Sunday morning here in Bali.


And I’m excited to be here.


So, I’m going to do something a little bit different today.


Keep things interesting for me, as well as for perhaps others of you.


So. I’m going to talk a little bit about what I have in front of me. I have the Feelings Collection boxed set.  Now, most of you have that opportunity to actually order this as a box set.


This may not be the most recent covering box for it because I’m in Indonesia and we don’t have the box set.


However, we can order the individual blends, thankfully.  So, I’m just going to talk about them, a few of them, for a minute.


Not a whole session or anything of that sort   That can come at another time. But many are talking about the feelings collection because emotions are such a big, big deal thing for us now, and actually, at all times, for us to really key into the emotions.


So, the six blends in alphabetical order are, let’s see if I can do it from memory: Forgiveness, Harmony, Inner Child, Release – I put Release before Present Time – Present Time, Release and Valor.  So, these blends actually were part of the session that truly changed my life in 2002, when I did this with Gary Young. So, I’m going to put my box down and tell you what I decided that I would use. What oils have you chosen?


Sorry, my box is falling over.


What oils have you chosen to have with you today, or to use before this session, or during the day?  I chose two of the blends from this Feelings Collection, and I chose Valor Blend and Present Time.


So, and these are actually two of the later blends, in alphabetical order.


So why did I choose Valor?


Well, I’ll tell you in a minute.


First, I’m going to tap the bell to actually begin, since it is 11:00 o’clock.


And as you embody these frequencies, these sounds, just intend that by applying the oils, and hearing these frequencies of the meditation bell, that you will be in total harmony.  I’m going to reapply the two oils that I told you that I would be using, two of them. The Valor blend because what I’m talking about today, I feel requires Valor.


It requires courage.


And a type of perseverance, in fact a lot of perseverance, if you will.


I’m also going to apply Present Time.


Now, how many of you even have ever used Present Time?


I remember Gary saying so many times, so or maybe he only said it once.


I just, it just comes into my mind so much, that if you really want to come into Present Time, he says write out the check to pay for this, for this blend, because it is not one of the less expensive blends that you can get.


However, it may be the most important thing you can do in your transformational journey, as you Grow Actively Refining Yourself.


So that’s what we talk about every week. My tribute to Gary Young.


So, what did we, did I, think of this week? Well, getting into the flow is what I decided to call this.


I was mesmerized by the Sacred River that runs through Fuller Life Bali. And we have had beautiful, beautiful sunny days.


However, there have been heavy rains, north and west of us which feed into this river, and the Sacred River actually bulged.


It expanded up more than 3 meters.


Yeah, it may have even been 4 meters.


It was very, very high and the water was just raging.


And as I would stand at the railing looking down, fortunately we are very high above the actual water level even when it rises way up, but it was so many emotions came to me as I watched this fierce current coming down the river. And I would see all of this, the twigs and the sticks and the trash, which I now know exactly how much, because so much got caught on our riverbank.


But I would watch these things coming down the river and see how the two things might start out side by side, and one would end up being lodged on the side and caught when the water receded.


It just kind of, it just got caught there, and it will ultimately, we will clean it out.  And the other might have bounced along in the flow of the current.


It was fascinating to watch different swirls, and to see how different things that started at the same place responded differently.


What was the difference? Well.


I can’t tell you that. I don’t know.


However, what I do know is that each of us is in that river of life, and each of us have experienced these heavy rains.


Have you felt like you were in a heavy, dark rainstorm over the last weeks, months, years even?


Well, that is kind of what I was feeling as I was watching these twigs and realizing how important it is for us to allow the current to take us.


However, it is also important to sometimes resist the current and other times be with it.


So how do we know when to respond differently?


Do you feel that you’re constantly fighting against the currents of your life? Things that are coming in.


You think you have it, have everything all together, and then all of a sudden, it’s like everything is all clashing.  Nothing is doing what it’s supposed to be doing according to our plans. Well, guess what?


It may be that our plans are the things that need to be adjusted.


The key word that came to me today as I was preparing, meditating. Over the last few days, but particularly this morning, the key word that kept coming to me over and over again was flexibility.


Flexibility.  Because it is so important for each of us to be flexible.


However, there is a point at which, when we allow ourselves just to be buffeted by the tide, we are no longer moving forward.


We’re just in that whirlpool, swirling around to be left on the bank when the water recedes.  Am I making any sense?


So, what cards did I select today?




Every Sunday morning I actually, with the intent, I apply my oils.


I do my journey of the glyphs with all of the 11 oils of Rainbow Healing, and I select my cards with intent of what will be most effective to the frequencies to talk about today.  Now I had already come up with the title a few days ago and published it on Friday.  That it was very interesting to me to see the one that came up for me, and the archetype was the artist.


This is about allowing that creative flow.


Not to get stuck in our preconceived notions, in our plans, in our ways of doing things.


This. I get this a lot because Frances was always one of these who like to plan things. I was a math teacher, and everything is done very orderly. Well, life is not orderly.  Particularly not life in the 21st century.


Not in 2000, 2023 where we are now.  Would you consider that anything in your life is really orderly? So, it’s very important for each of us to understand there is a time to press on.


There is a time to allow, and be flexible, and make new choices.  So. And it’s OK! It is OK to change directions.


Look at the stick.


The stick that made it straight on through.


I watched for a long time, and I saw this one stick that just kept hitting currents and going around, but it would go underwater and pop up and head downstream more.


The one that was resilient was able to change directions is the one that made it on through.


The others were left on the banks.


So, what else did I select? Well, the combination card, the hologram, was Authentic Power.


And what does this really mean?


Well, to me, Authentic Power means understanding who we are, what our strengths are.


That is that beautiful frequency of Cedarwood, essential oil, and Amber and Red Jasper.


This, I call it a golden apricot, a sparkling color, because it, to me, has movement.  As we understand, all of our strengths and play on those strengths, really enjoy life, because we are doing the things that we really were designed to do.


And then what are the others?


This was the Freedom glyph.  Releasing.  Releasing the things that are no longer working, that beautiful frequency of Lemon essential oil, and the Citrine crystal can hold these frequencies.


This idea of letting go of our preconceived notions.  Letting go of our plans, if you will.  Letting go of the things that no longer are supporting us.


There are many things that may have been supportive at some point in our lives that just aren’t there. They aren’t supporting us now.  And yet most of us, and I’m speaking of myself for sure, just truly, truly have a challenge by letting go of these things, letting go of stuff, letting go of the emotional blocks.


That’s why we’re talking about the, we’ll be talking about the Feelings Collection more and more, and talking about how to get rid of these blocks.  Because we’re blocking our healing by holding on to the habits, holding on to the old ways of doing things.


Just holding on, we are filled up with holding on to the things that we already have, and not allowing ourselves to integrate.


To draw in and really magnify all of our true abilities, our strengths, the strengths that you were really created to have.


So, what do I feel is really the most important thing?


Well, what if?


What have I found?


How do we know when to resist and when to go with the flow?


When to be the most flexible?


Well, the best way in my opinion is Checking In.  Now, Checking In, I have – you may see if you read a lot of my things – so, looking at the app we have a lot of different versions, depending upon the year, because the app was done back in 2017 or 2018, the Rainbow Healing app.


The Journey 1 book was in 2018 and Journey 2, I believe 2020. So, it’s all about change and allowing change. So, I’ve added advanced steps to check Checking In.  But what is Checking In? What do I mean?


And I say Checking In may be the most important thing that that any of us do in our entire day.


Well, the first thing with Checking In is to make sure that we are connected with the Creator, whatever your concept is, making certain that you are connected with your Creator, connected up here.


Connected all the way through the very core of your being and connected to the earth below and to the Creator down below.  Because wherever, if this is Earth and you’re standing anywhere on Earth, the Creator is everywhere, and you can connect above and below.


This strength is your key to hearing your guidance.


So, making certain, that’s the first thing, creating your Sacred Space.


This is my personal visual.


But creating that sacred space!  And just ask yourself, is my Sacred Space intact now?


I’ve talked about that a lot.


And you can look at some of my older videos.


I may come back to this today, but as you can see, this is connected.  Here you are, and you have an energetic cylinder around you that goes all the way up to the Source, down through the core of Earth and to the Source below, so that you have a separation and can push out all of the chaos and the distractions that are truly holding you back.  So, and then to have some boundaries.  Are my boundaries strong?


Boundaries are really just ways to make certain that you’re not taking on all of this disastrous this stuff, this chaos, that’s outside and you’re not sending out anything that will harm any other.


And so, it’s just a way of separating.  The gold which transmutes energies.  The silver, which is of reflective energy.  And the red, which is really all about courage and perseverance, strength, strength, if you will.


I actually looked this up, the meaning of the color red this morning, so I’ll talk about that more.


But this is my visual.  So, when I’m Checking In, I ask myself, am I connected with the Source? That’s number one.


Because if you’re not connected with your Source, you’re not receiving your personal guidance, which is perfect for you.


Where, or what, are we listening to when we are not fully connected with the Source?


Who knows! But it may or may not be helpful for you in your transformational journey.


So. Creating our Sacred Space then and making sure that our boundaries are strong.


That’s really the first thing that I feel is really important.


The next thing is: Am I clear?


We have blocks.


We all have blocks at all levels.  At the physical level, those blocks manifest as pain, illness, disease.


You know, we all know those, don’t we?


Because there is a block in our energy.


If it’s gotten all the way to the physical level, it gets our attention, doesn’t it?


Nothing gets our attention quicker than pain. Would you agree?  Or illness. Which kind of goes hand in hand, by the way.


Pain is magnified by fear.


OK.  So, I put it in three words.  Fear magnifies pain.  And I somehow I have a visual of that also, as fear coming in and causing real pain so. Ok.


Am I clear?


There can be blocks at the emotional level, which is what the Feelings Collection is all about. And what. I have a sense that, we will be talking about those. I never plan for weeks ahead. I just go with the flow as to what we really are going to be talking about from week to week.


However, the, that emotional, working on those emotions.  Well.


Since most of you, since all of you who are here, know that I talk about the Rainbow Healing System all the time, the Rainbow Healing Cards, I refer to the G.A.R.Y. series, which is the Grow Actively Refining Yourself.  The single oils of Rainbow Healing are very, very grounding, balancing and have the ability to clear the blocks. When we have blocks, the frequencies are tangled up.


That’s one way I think about it.  That, there we all have so many frequencies going on in our bodies all the time, and when they get tangled up, that’s when they’re blocked. The blocks begin to form. So as those blocks are at the emotional level, they’re getting closer to getting down to the physical, but we usually know when we are not feeling 100%. Would you agree? We know when our emotions are all over the place.


So that constant reminder of using the oils in the blends, focusing on the frequencies that are in harmony with your own frequency at any given time. That, yeah, frequencies are not good or bad.


There’s no good or bad. And actually I’ve talked a whole lot about higher frequencies being able to pull up lower frequencies and it may be.


It may be that some of the lower frequencies are important to untangle whatever blocks we have at any given level.


In other words, higher does not necessarily mean better.


You know, we all have this thing.


More is better.


And more is not always better.


Higher is not always better.


What is better for you is what you require in any given moment.


And how do you know what that is?


You listen to your guidance.


So. Am I clear?


If you’re not clear, what do you do?


Well, we can go back, and one of the things we can use is Geranium, which has that ability (that’s the first glyph) of clearing blocks.


We can use some of our other essential oils.


We can use the Release blend.


Letting go, clearing, clearing, clearing.


This is an ever ending.


Um, not ever ending, an ever-ongoing process.


It never ends.


So that’s what I should have said.


It’s a never-ending process.


So, at any rate.


Am I clear? On consciously checking that. So consciously checking, am I connected with the source?


Am I grounded?


Is my Sacred Space in place? Are my boundaries strong?


Am I clear? And really, the next two things that I think are the most are important is, really, am I in Present Time?


If our mind is in thinking about what we’re going to be doing or concerned about what we did before, what we said, what we did, what we have – then we’re not in Present Time.


You see why I chose the particular blends that I chose this morning?


The Valor blend to have courage to keep going, to keep moving in that flow of life.


And to remain in Present Time.


And then finally, this is another question that I asked myself and that is, am I listening to my guidance? I’m going to say that again. Am I listening to my guidance?


We may think we’re listening.


We may really have already made up our mind and moving forward doing whatever we are choosing to do at any given moment, or we may be listening to others.


Now remember. Others may truly, truly have their, your best interest at heart.


However, they are not YOU.


And their guidance is going to often be quite different from your guidance.  No matter how much they love you or how much they care, or how much they know.


So, it is this establishing your own connection and constantly throughout the day, not just morning, not just evening.


All the time.


Really and really, really, making sure that you’re connected with the Source and that you’re listening to your guidance.


I do this.


I ask myself these questions, and do I forget ever?


Of course, I do! I’m not perfect.


I’m still on Earth! So, it’s all a matter of practice and we are all growing actively refining ourselves.

00:27:16 So have a beautiful, beautiful week of wonderful observations and transformation, and I’ll look forward to seeing you next week.