14 MAY 2023 Celebrate All the Females in Your Life Including You on Mother’s Day


Good morning, good morning.


Happy, happy Sunday.


It’s Sunday live with Frances, and I’m so happy to be here on this beautiful, sunny Sunday morning here in Bali.


So whatever time you are watching is perfect time.


Today is the day that most of the world celebrates mothers, so it seems like this is the perfect time to talk about our nurturing.


So. I’m all decked out here in one of my favorite dresses that my friend Anne designed nine years ago, and she just brought me a beautiful, beautiful jacket to go with it, or wrap to go with it. Isn’t it gorgeous? So, I also… and I’m wearing my Mother’s Day gift from my daughter, Jamie…and so, I’m really feeling special. What makes you feel special?


Is there some particular oil that makes you feel very special?


I selected Rose, which I rarely, rarely use because it’s expensive!


But this to me is the epitome of nurturing. So, I’m going, whatever bottle you have, hold in your hand, whatever one it is, just hold it in your hand and intend that it be filled with all of the frequencies of nurturing.  Of nurturing for you.  And then open it, whether you apply it or whether you breathe it in, just inhaling those frequencies, intending that they go wherever they are required to go to bring about perfect harmony and balance, and to remind you to nurture, to nurture yourself.


That is one of the big things that we many times forget.


So, I am going to, I have a nurturing bowl, the Ocean Gold bowl to play just a little bit, because I  may talk on and on, I’m so excited today.


So. Just breathe in these frequencies.  {{sounds of the singing bowl}}


And I have one more really, really special thing.


I went out this morning in the garden.


We have so many beautiful sunflowers, and I’ll hold this up right now.


Actually, it’s just 11:00 o’clock. And.


These make me so happy.  They make me feel nurtured.  And I want you to look at this, at this particular one, which I hate to cut them, because I know that when I’m cutting the flower it’s taking it out of the sun and bringing it in.


I wrapped it in a wet paper towel that I had put lemon essential oil on to give it vitality and to nurture it.


So, any – and just look at this and breathe in the frequencies that it generates.


A few years ago, I did a video – all of my videos are still on my free app, the Fuller Life Wellness app, and it was about how sunflowers are generators, and that tied right into what I was thinking about doing, talking about today, with it being Mother’s Day.  Because we as females, whether we have children or our furry children, or whether we are a mother figure to others, we are nurturers and it is, we are generating the frequency that others will receive.


So, looking at this sunflower, just intend to receive all of those beautiful frequencies that it is giving out, that it is generating to restore us all.


And now, getting into what I really first thought, before I just, we just have so many beautiful sunflowers I couldn’t resist talking about them.


The card that I selected today was not surprising.


I did select two single single glyphs and one archetype, but the single glyph was the Compassion.


The Nurturing, that turquoise frequency that is anchored by Aquamarine, by Adventurine, by Northern Lights Black Spruce, and the Grand Fir or Balsam Fir.


So, this is a frequency of balance and harmony.


This is that energy.


So many of us give and give and give.  What happens when we give and give and give and don’t receive?


OK. You’re right.


We give out.




So, and most of us were taught – how many of us were taught at a very young age, it’s better to give than receive?  So many of us forgot how to receive.


Would you agree?


So, as we are relearning how to receive, others often are attempting to give to us all the time and we simply have forgotten how to receive.


So, I’m going to suggest.


I was looking at my Colours book today and this just jumped out.


This is not mine.


This is one of the of the staff members who colored the, our mandalas that are in our colors coloring book, and I just thought this is such a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful frequency that allows me to just think of the receiving.  See how it matches my outfit?


Things sometimes we are doing by accident aren’t really by accident, are they? So, as we move forward, the whole idea is that we as females…This is Mother’s Day. It is female day as well.


We tend to be that nurturing.


It is everyone that we meet, we are influencing.


Are you an influencer?  Many of us don’t realize the influence that we have on others.


Every single person that we meet.


Whether it is a biological child or genetic child, whether it is just someone or something that we meet and are nurturing.


So, this is all about that nurturing of us. OK?


How can we make sure that we are nurturing ourselves?


You know, again, we feel like we have so many things and most of us do have our fingers in so many different things. The first thing we drop out is doing nice things to nurture ourselves.


Would you agree?


So, the importance of really figuring out, what does nurture us?


And, it’s not just for one day of year.


It’s not just for one hour.


It is to nurture ourselves every moment, to understand that we are important.


Now, the other card that kind of jumped out, it fell out when I when I was shuffling and selecting this card. This one also fell out.


This is the Leadership card.


Leadership is all about expansion.


It’s not about what we do.


It’s about being who we were created to be and allowing that frequency to radiate out to everyone and every place around us, creating that energy of harmony and balance.


Would you like to live in an energy of harmony and balance?


It’s not going to happen by looking for it outside ourselves.


It’s going to happen by creating that harmony and balance within each one of us.


And that is possible only, only, when we give to ourselves, when we nurture ourselves and many of us don’t even realize what gives us joy.


What gives us passion.


What truly refuels us on every level.


So, this is all about awareness.


There’s no one who can nurture you like you.


Hmmm.  Isn’t that an interesting concept for Mother’s Day?


So, we’re going to nurture ourselves.  Now, the single oil that anchors that frequency of expansion of leadership is Sandalwood, Sacred Sandalwood or Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood.


I’m kind of, in my heart, I kind of love the Sacred Sandalwood because it feels so close to me.


Since it is grown right in Australia, which is just a short flight away from where I am right here.


So, it’s very close to me.


But whether you use this by applying, or breathe it in, or just intend that whatever bottle you’re holding has that Sandalwood.  Many of our blends contain Sandalwood because it is so very, very important.


Is it not? So! The next thing that I find that for my own nurturing is, maybe I better pull out another one of my cards, which is right here. I happen to know this is on top because this is the first glyph.


The Forgiveness.  This is the frequency that – I call it warm-pink frequency that will assist you in clearing the blocks.


The reason we don’t accept nurturing may be because we blocked it.


On some level, at some point in our existence, we began to block those nurturing frequencies coming in.  Or we began to block our ability to nurture ourselves, because we felt that it was more important to nurture others.


So in reality, because when we are filled up with all that harmony, that balance, that loving, nurturing energy, it’s going to radiate out outward to everyone and everything around us.  It’s going to create an environment of nurturing everywhere we go.  It’s like, you know, I consider myself a human diffuser because I use so many essential oils and my body heat just allows them to radiate outward from me.


Well, those frequencies, as we apply the oils, those frequencies as we learn to and to remember to nurture ourselves, it’s OK.


It’s going to allow us to radiate far more harmonious frequencies than when we are rushing around attempting to do so much.


So.  Now this is, I have to laugh when I when I select my cards, and I selected these cards for this video today, um this is the Shaman.


The Shaman, I refer to as the wild magic child, the irresponsible one who would choose to just be to be out in nature, to be connecting with the animals, the trees and with the Source.


Being.  Just being.


And this is a great reminder to me, because for those of us who are, who tend to be more of workaholic types, goal setters, achievers, we have to do this, this, this and this order.


I’m so grateful that most of much of that is behind me, because I lived my life that way.


I didn’t know how to have fun and how to be a child.  So this is a reminder to me that for us women to be nurtured and refill ourselves, it is so important for us to be a child, to allow ourselves to go inside, to go inside ourselves and determine what does make us feel the joy and wonder that a child would feel.


When was the last time that you felt that – all that wonder of seeing things through the eyes of a child.


I have, I’m going to tell you, I have this thing. I love watching Master Chef Junior. I did not watch television or anything like that, never even knew what a reality show was, for 25 years.  And I absolutely, I fell in love with Master Chef Junior because  – this is not a commercial for them – but it’s children 8 to 13 years old.


I love just watching these little children get excited.


They fix amazing food, something that I, it’s not one of my skills, but something which they are quite adept at doing.  And whether they’ve practiced it or not, the fact is just watching their eyes, watching the wonder and excitement that they are feeling in the moment.


How can we recapture that in our own lives?


Well, do I sound like just I go over and over repeating the same things over and over and over?


Well, it is, in many cases, repetition.


Because we forget so much, we forget what are the things that really give us joy?


What are the things that really, we do not choose to have in our lives?


So, for those who have been following me, you know that for the past, golly, I think almost six years I have been, I’ve kind of I’ve dedicated to Gary Young, my videos, my path, because of the impact that he has had on my life.  So, the acronym G-A-R-Y stands for Grow Actively Refining Yourself.


And that’s what it’s all about.  Growing actively refining ourselve.  Growing every day.


It doesn’t have to be difficult, but as we pay attention to the things that really give us joy, understanding, beginning to pay attention, because many of us, I thought that achieving goals was something that really made me feel good, because I checked them off the list.


In actuality, those goals truly, often, limited me, because I could only set goals that went so far, and I would put my blinders on, and I missed all of the amazing things in each present moment.  Because my goal, my mind, was set on getting to the end of the goal on achieving that goal.


Am I speaking to any of you?


If I’m not, that’s great!


You’ve gone far ahead of where I was for most of my life, and I’m beginning, and I I say this, beginning to learn better how to really pay attention, which is what the refinement list is all about.


That’s why it’s Grow Actively Refining Yourself, so this is not something somebody can do for you.


And it doesn’t take a lot of effort.


It’s simply drawing a line down the piece of paper.


You can do it on our Rainbow Healing app, and just putting the things that you choose, things that you would love to have in your life at this moment.


And that may change.


It does change.


As we change and grow, the things that we choose to have around us change and grow.


So, putting that down on paper – many times, you will be surprised.


I’m surprised often at what I write down.


Truly, truly! Now, mine is pretty similar, because I’ve been working on it for a lot of years now.  And probably more important than the things that you choose to bring into your life, and I shouldn’t say more important, but this may be.  I found that for me, it is a real key, is to determine the things that you choose NOT to allow in your life.


So often we don’t pay attention to those things that we don’t care, that we really just want to go away.


We are more focused on those goals, those self-limiting goals.


So as we begin to really pay attention to what gives us joy and passion, more opportunities will open up.  More exciting wonder and joy will be there in every present moment.


So as you go through this week, I wish you many happy, happy sunflowers and happy rainbows.


Lots of nurturing, nurturing and lots of lots of wonder, childlike wonder, as you understand better, the things that truly bring you joy, so that that energy of joy and passion and wonder and awe can radiate from you.


And I’ll see you next week.


Have a happy, happy week.