07 MAY 2023 The Only Impossible Journey Is the One You Never Begin


It’s Sunday morning in Bali again, and another beautiful, beautiful, sunny Sunday.


I hope that wherever you are, whenever you’re watching, this is going to be a meaningful time, and a time in which perhaps greater harmony can come into your life.


So I’m going to begin, first of all, whatever essential oils you have chosen, breathe them in. Apply them – liberally, as usual.


I always use my sacred mountain and my Believe right before I begin speaking, and I have chosen 2 bowls today to use.


And I will explain why later, but just apply the oils that you have and just breathe in these particular frequencies, intending that they go wherever they are required, to bring about perfect harmony and balance within your entire energy being.


So, the first bowl that I selected today is the Grandfather Bowl.  And you can see that this is a kind of  golden color which includes the gold, and it is very grounding, a deep resonant frequency.


Feel those solid frequencies moving everywhere throughout your being.


Now we have the white Angelic Gold, which is a combination, as the alchemy of the Fire turning into gold, turning all disparate things, energies, frequencies into the golden energy.


And this is kind of a fiery energy that is tempered with a chiffon softness.


Good morning, Good morning again.  And, hope you have had a gentle week.


It has been…Planetary energies have been… a little bit….the kinds that shake us up.  With a full moon, all full moons tend to be about releasing things, letting go of the things that are holding us back.


So.  As we are moving forward, we do move, we do release a lot of things, patterns and things that have been holding us back in the past. When I saw the post, a poster that I had posted about 10 or more years ago, I posted that as the reminder for this week’s Facebook Live.  And that is “the only impossible journey is the one you never begin.”


This really struck me when I saw it.


It just reminded me that it’s that first step that is the most important one of all.


So, so often we hold back.


What are the reasons that we wait? Are you guilty of waiting? Putting off until the perfect time?


Putting off!  What is your reason? What is holding you back?


Is it fear? Is it waiting for the perfect time?


Is it waiting until you are sure you have all of the things in place to reach a particular goal?


Well, I have often talked about the fact that that I was a I was a goal setter most of my life.


I was raised as a goal setter.  And now this may not sit well with everyone.


We’re trained, I was programmed from day one probably, in the womb, to be an achiever.  And that meant setting goals, planning out the way to reach those goals.


And I attained those goals.


However, those goals were actually, when I looked back on it, limiting me.


Ok.  That’s the big thing to think about.


They limited me because my goal was set according to what I was programmed to think should happen.


OK. Shall I say that again?


I set goals according to what I felt, or I was programmed to think, was the right thing to do.


However, most of the time those goals did not give me great joy because they weren’t truly my genuine, heartfelt goals.


So, what I have found now, is that this is why I teach what I do.


I talk so much about the Refinement List: understanding who you are, what you truly choose to have in your life.


Now, there’s probably no way that you can plan how to get those things, if you have a big idea.


How you can really get from where you are now to that particular point?


We really don’t have the capability.


The exciting thing is though, that if we take that first step and have an open mind about what is going to be the next step, just in the present moment.


We do have a blend for the present moment, don’t we?


How many of you use Present Time frequently?


That is one of my favorite blends. It’s part of the Feelings Collection and it’s one that I say it’s a favorite blend.


I love the aroma.


Often, we don’t love the aroma of something we that we really need. Gary often told us that.


However, I did not always love Present Time.


Now I realize the importance of paying attention to this present moment and the options, the opportunities.


As we take that first step and have awareness in this present moment, then the options and opportunities for the next step will open up.


We don’t have to plan all the way because things, new opportunities and options, will open up every single step of the way, and there is totally no way that I could have planned for my life 25 years ago to be where I am now. It just had to unfold, and that willingness to allow it to unfold step by step is extremely important.


And that’s where.


Does anybody …this is the 6th glyph…The Acceptance.  Acceptance of where you are. Acceptance of where others are.  And embracing yourself and others as you are in this moment.


Who knows what essential oil anchors this frequency?


It’s a silvery frequency. And it’s the frequency of Frankincense and Sacred Frankincense.


This is, just, such an important thing to use.   If you don’t feel that you can apply it, you can breathe it in.


Just get that bottle, breathe it in, accepting, accepting the choices that you make every single one of us has the opportunity to make choices in every single moment.


This is also about releasing the judgment that we also, most of us, tend to have that judgment.  And self-judgment is the worst of all.


That is probably the most damaging.  That is the thing that keeps us, the thing that totally prevents us, from moving forward many times.


What will others think? Will I be able? What will they think if I if I fail?


Well, failure.


Remember, you may remember, when we’re talking about neutral frequencies here.


These are the happy, higher frequencies that are in harmony with higher things.


These down here are those lower frequencies that drag us into the murky waters.


And the very lowest of all is fear. Anger and fear.


Anger is probably a just a just a little bit above fear because anger is really caused by a fear in us.


So, as we are fearful, we’re going to drag all those happy frequencies down into that murky water, the murky water, the murky area of frequencies where illness and depression, all of those things, live below that happy medium line.  Now. I personally prefer to be above the medium line.


That’s a, that’s just the dividing line, as far as I’m concerned.


So, what do we do?


Well, that first thing is:  G.A.R.Y. Grow, Actively Refining Yourself.  For those who are maybe new to my videos, you may not be familiar that that about five, or may be closer to six years ago, I was thinking of a way that I could honor Gary Young for what —  I get, still get, so emotional whenever I think about this — and I started thinking of acronyms for his name,  and finally while I was actually doing, recording a video, those words came to me.  Grow Actively Refining Yourself, which is exactly what we’re doing every day.


It’s, we are growing every day.


We’re not there. We don’t have to jump. We don’t have to jump across a giant chasm.


It isn’t how much. It’s baby steps that we do.  Every single day, as we are refining who we are.  Understanding, what gives us joy?


What gives us passion?  When we begin to recognize the things that give us joy and passion, the things that we love doing, that is when we really…things open up.


It’s like just a giant opening up and we have more choices.


And those choices may lead us into a totally different direction from where we might have planned when we were back setting that those goals, attempting to plan the stress of the planning those goals and planning those steps.


Just taking that first step.  That first step is the most important because the next step will be the first step of the next journey. You’re getting me?


So, this morning when I selected my cards, yes, I selected this one, that Acceptance glyph, that, that embrace where you are on your journey. where others are, understanding that we necessarily don’t all have the same journey endpoint, if you will.


I don’t consider that there really is an end point because we are all always continuing to grow actively refining ourselves.


So, this is a steppingstone.


This is a reminder.


I get this a lot because acceptance.  Acceptance of what is entering your life, acceptance of what is leaving your life, acceptance of the fact that your journey may take twists and turns that you did not anticipate.  Actually, that can – we can look at it and we can feel, “My gosh! Look what’s happening to me now. It’s not good!” (Which is a judgement.)


Or we can look at it and say, “We have new opportunities.”


It’s all a matter of perspective, how we look at things.


So, as I drew my cards this morning, one thing, the Shaman came up and I’m thinking, “OK. This has been a week of, of that full moon eclipse, which is, that all about letting go and it’s a lot of unexpected.”


Some of you may feel very unbalanced because of that.


That disruptive feeling of, of things suddenly coming up that don’t fit the mould.  That things are, things suddenly, that you’re having to let go of that you never anticipated. That’s just been a week of unexpected things.


So why would I think of – why would this come up for me this morning?


And talking about this, my intent when I’m drawing my cards is to select cards that will be helpful for every one of you during this broadcast.


The shaman is all about, I call it the wild magic child, that childish innocence. That childlike, just enjoying the, some of the irresponsibility.  Some of us were raised to be very, very responsible and we all  – and besides, now that we’re adults, we have to be responsible, correct?  Well, this is about lightening up.


You know, just allow some more flow into your life.  Notice the birds, notice the little insects, notice the butterflies.


Butterflies are one of the most exciting things to me and we have lots and lots of beautiful butterflies here in Bali and just, it’s like they just remind me daily of the transformation that they go through.


They go through a complete metamorphosis.


They change every single aspect of their DNA to get from that lowly crawling Caterpillar to become that beautiful short lived, of course, by our standards, with that beautiful butterfly that is flying.


So, we too, as we lighten up and look more at the joy that we can have in each moment and the fun and the passion that we can bring into our lives rather than that responsibility.


Then, we will find more joy, more excitement, more, more everything positive that gives us passion.


And if there is one thing that is totally, is totally, totally contagious in this life, it is passion.


The other thing that is just probably equally, or possibly even more contagious, is fear.


OK, so do you want you? Do you want to radiate passion to those around you, or do you want to drag them down with your fears?


Do you want to elevate yourself with your own passion? Or do you choose to drag yourself down into that gray, murky fear?


So, it’s all about choice.


So, when I drew – the two – when I looked to see the element, two cards fell out and I thought, OK. So, I got my muscle testing together and I said, “Is one of these more important than the other?” NOPE!


“Do I require both? Should I be talking about both of these elements today?” YES!


So, what are those elements? It’s the earth element and the fire element.


So, as I thought, and applied the oils – now what might be a good blend do you, can you think of any blend that might help you with the Earth element in grounding? Well, Grounding might be a good choice. I personally selected to use Cedarwood today, which anchors the third glyph.  It’s also one of the glyphs in the Earth element.  To intend to ground, and that is why we used the Grandfather Bowl at the beginning of this video.  To stay connected.


It’s so easy to go off in all sorts of directions when we allow ourselves to become ungrounded.  This is a big thing for me, to remain to grounded.  The other one, the Fire element, the Fire element promotes change.  Well, change is going to happen to us every day, whether we choose to embrace it, accept it, embrace it, or whether we choose to fight it.


Change is inherent in life.


Changes also, if we look at it from the perspective of the positive aspects of change, it’s going to create excitement, it’s going to create passion.


This is what is going to get us to take that first step.


And again, we don’t have to have the whole road laid out for us, the whole plan. We have only that first step to take, and as we continue to be in the present moment and take a new step every day.  Make sure that our choices because we do have choices every single day about everything that we do.


And as we focus on those choices, not the choices we may have thought we would have, but rather the choices that we have in that moment, then we will find that passion, that, that Fire, that fire passion will radiate from every part of our being, and it will ignite not only us, but ignite all of those around us.


So, as you go through this week, I challenge each of you to use the oils.


Of course, you know I use the Rainbow Healing oils and what are the oils that anchor that Fire energy?


Well, the Fire is, the most fiery of all of them is the orange and lemon. I have applied them and diffused them a lot this week because change is not always easy. and it’s really nice to have that special fiery frequency around us while also remaining grounded.


So, as you move forward this week, take time to breathe. Take time to think about that wild magic child.  Just being childlike, focused on this moment, this moment only.  Notice what is around and allow that first step to be taken.


Tomorrow there will be another first step which may or may not have resembled what you might have planned.


So have a wonderful happy week and I’ll look forward to seeing you next week.