30 April 2023 – A Hundred Percent (100%)


Good morning. Good morning. How are you?


Hope you’re happy on this, it’s a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning in Bali, and I am excited to see there already some of you online.


This is going to be different from what I anticipated doing today.


So. We will start first with, I’m just going to play my special, special bell that has just been shined again. Sangde did a beautiful, beautiful job.  Look at this amazing bell, that is lined with gold, and just apply whatever essential oils you have chosen to apply today, breathing in these frequencies, intending harmony throughout.


So. Have you had a good week, a happy week, a harmonious week?


I really thought I would be talking about something totally different, and then yesterday afternoon, we’ve had an amazing group of leaders here for a weekend retreat, and it has been such a perfect experience, except we’ve had rather strange weather with lots of heavy, intermittent rain.


This is not a rainy time of the year normally, so it’s rather unusual, and many have been experiencing a lot of strange energies.  Yesterday afternoon at 4:00 o’clock, suddenly, I felt so tired, as if I could barely move, and walking back to my villa, I began sneezing.


Once I got in the door, I kept sneezing and sneezing and sneezing, and coughing, and it continued a lot during the night.  So, I thought perhaps that this should be termed “A Hundred Percent.” If you’re not 100%, are you 100%, and if not, what do we do? Well, of course Ningxia Red is a priority for me.


If you’re taking one Ningxia Red, you might double.


Well, I drink four, so I doubled up.  And I mean, I’m up to eight today, because I truly want to support the nutrition in my body.


But, even more than that, and I’m drinking in case I start coughing or sniffing. I have hot peppermint water here, which is wonderful.  So, I apologize for, not for my not being 100%, however, now I can tell you what I do with I’m not 100%.  So, perhaps that is the real lesson in what we’re talking about today.


So, what do I do first?


Well, as I said, of course, the Ningxia Red.  And I didn’t even mention this: my pouch of Raindrop oils.


That’s the last thing on my body last night on the bottoms of my feet, and the first thing on the bottoms of my feet today. I have them all lined up, in the right order and of course they are, well, I have these because it’s so much easier to have the roller balls on the top.  I can just open them and put them on the bottoms of my feet without taking the chance of dripping oregano or thyme all over the bed and all over everything.


It is easier. So. Yes, here at Fuller Life Bali, all of the facilitators are using the Raindrop oils every single day in every session.


And our Villa staff uses them every single day.


And Frances, Frances, the guru of essential oils, sometimes forgets!


So, I get busy. And speaking of getting busy.


The next thing that I did.  I thought, I wonder what the emotion is.  I muscle tested, OK? Let’s really get this in the right order.  Let’s muscle test.  What is going on?


OK? So, the first thing with the muscle testing, if you’re not used to doing it, I’ve talked about it so many times and I’ve demonstrated what I do.


You can Google or look for it online.


There are hundreds of ways of using the muscles, the kinesiology of your body, to get your information.


The key is getting out of the head, getting into the heart. Getting that connection with your Creator, with the Source, making that very strong.


Being grounded for me, that is a key, and that is often what the real challenge behind whatever challenge I’m experiencing. It all goes back to grounding for me.


So, and it may be for you.  You may be totally different, but I came back. I also, I thought, I’m going to look and see what the emotional component.  This is my old Louise Hay, “Heal Your Body.”


What is with colds?


Because it’s sniffling.  It’s not, you know, I’m not sick, sick, sick, but coughing and sneezing.


And I had to laugh, because colds – “too much going on at once.”


Wow. Well. For those of you who know me, I have my fingers in a lot of different pies, and this weekend we had our very first experience where the villas were full, I mean full occupancy! And this is exciting, it is exciting and wonderful, wonderful group of people here who are so receptive and so nice and just everything has been wonderful.


However, it’s also do you know what the date is? This is the end of the calendar month, which is always a busy, busy time for some of us.


It is also, it’s just a lot of things going on, a lot of new things.


And so, seeing that I had to laugh. You know, too many things going on.


So, what do we do? Well, let’s find out. Let’s see where we are.


And so, with the muscle testing, I connect the finger, the thumb and the middle finger of each hand because your fingers have different charges on them.


There’s a reason for not doing the index finger. It’s a reason for using the thumb and the middle finger.


And interlock them and then a quick tug.


My first question is always “Show me my yes.”


And I have a quick tug and I can’t pull them apart.


And then the next question, “Show me my no.”


And no matter how hard I attempt to hold on to them, they pull apart.


So, “Show me my yes. Show me my no.”


Now.  Now that we’ve established that, the next thing is to make sure that we ask the right questions. The questions that we ask, our answers are only as good as our questions.


And so, if we – I like to write down often, well, I’ve done this for so long, I’ve kind of stopped writing them down all the time, but to write down a series of questions.


For me, the faster I test the questions with sometimes not even looking at them, just pointing to them on the piece of paper, I’m pointing to my piece of paper right here.


Then I get better answers, because the first thing that I have to do is to ground.  To make sure that I am connected with the Creator.  That I’ve pushed, created my Sacred Space, pushed all of the disturbing chaos and the distractions outside and have my grounding to the earth, and all of the harmony.  When we are not physically or emotionally in harmony, that’s when we don’t feel 100%.


Shall I say that again?  When we are not physically or emotionally, 100%, it’s because we are not in harmony.  We have allowed frequencies that are not harmonious to be inside our energy field.  And you know.


Often in past years, I’ve talked about higher and lower and positive and negative frequencies, or good and bad.


Ooh, that’s a real, real emotional thing, but the fact is, it’s different frequencies and different frequencies.


Some are going to be harmonious with your energy flow at any time, and others may not.


It doesn’t mean that the ones that are not in harmony with you are not, are not good.


It just means they’re not in harmony for you at this moment.


So, the first thing I do – “What do what do I require?”


Well, my fingers cannot give me an answer of “What do I require?”  I have to give them a yes or a no.


So, is it, am I, am I grounded? Am I connected?  Am I connected to the source?


Yes, it’s all about that Checking In.


Checking In.  You can download your app and you can look at the steps of checking in, but the very first thing is, “Am I really grounded?”  “What is in my field?”


So, I’m, I’ve been learning. I’ve been doing a lot of different things recently, and over the last months I have found that for me remaining grounded means really to have all of the Elements in place.


Now, I showed some of my little forms there, up here on the shelf, and I’m not going to pull them all out today and talk about them, my little mathematical things. Geometric forms.


However, I’m going to just talk about the way that I use the Elements, or focus on them, with the Rainbow Healing Cards.


And the first one – now you may find that you are in greater harmony doing them in a different order. 00:13:27

I’m simply going to tell you the order that I use and how I use them.


You may want to even breathe along with me.  The first thing that I find, for me, that is important, is to actually to focus on the Earth element. Grounding to the – being in harmony with the frequencies of Earth.  And these are the 1st, the 3rd and the 9th glyphs which are anchored by Geranium, Cedarwood or Copaiba, and the Ylang Ylang essential oil.


Now I often use all three. You may choose to just use one of the three, but to use one of them! I grabbed right here the Geranium, so I’m going to breathe it in, just visualizing, visualizing myself being solidly grounded to the earth, with my little grounding cords going all the way down into the center of Earth, to truly keep me from floating around.  This is the biggest challenge that I have.


May not be your challenge. It is definitely a challenge for me.  The next one of the elements, now these are Earth, Fire, Air and Water and the fifth element, which is the Ether, which we don’t have a card for the Ether.


So, the next one that I’d like to focus upon is the Fire. For me, Fire will bring it all…it’s going to create some change.  And obviously if I’m not feeling 100%, I need to make a change in some area, so this is all about the fifth one which is the Breath of Life, the Freedom glyph, the Leadership.


So, these are all about change, the Fire and breathing fire into every single cell.


I’m going to pick up…this is orange, lemon and sandalwood essential oil.


I’m drinking some Lemon and Peppermint in my cup, though I’m going to apply the Orange, the Breath of Life.


I’m ready to actually make that change, get rid of this sneezing, coughing. 


And I haven’t sneezed or coughed since I’ve been on. Have you noticed that?


So, breathing it in. Visualizing that Fire.  Tearing through every portion of my being.  Burning away the things that are no longer supporting me.  Raising at… what happens when you have Fire is heat.


Heat is going to make the little molecules move around faster, and that’s going to increase their frequency.  So, I’m just visualizing this Orange, this golden orange color and these little molecules of Orange moving throughout every portion of my being.


So, I’m also, even though I’ve got Lemon in my cup, I’m going to use Lemon because, guess which single glyph I have selected this morning?


The Freedom glyph, which is all about release and this is that frequency of Lemon essential oil.


So, you know, duh Frances! It’s time to let go of something.


And so, I am going to sniff and apply some more Lemon. I don’t think there’s ever opportunity to have too much Lemon.


I’ve been drinking lots of Lemon hot water and it makes me feel better.


Release, release, release.


I’m visualizing that lemon yellow color moving through every portion of my being just allowing the release to take place, so then we can go one step further.


What happens when you add air to fire?


It gets brighter and that’s the Air element. So, I’m going to then focus upon breathing.  The focus upon the breath. 


As I breathe in, I am intending for that Fire to intensify throughout every portion of my being.  And it may, you may find that you get hot, physically feel hot while you’re breathing in the Fire, breathing in the Air.


To intensify that Fire, these are the purple, the lavender, and the violet energies of Lavender essential oil and Jasmine essential oil.


So, I’m going to breathe them in, intending that they do intensify that Fire.


Now once that happens, it’s almost as if there’s an explosion of everything moving through every part of your body, just absolutely eliminating everything that is no longer required.


Everything that we agree to release.  Now.  Think. If we get up here and we start holding on to things, we can create, we can prevent things from releasing, and that’s normally the real thing behind any disharmony in our lives.  We are refusing to let go of things that are no longer serving us.


Am I speaking to anyone in particular?


I’m certainly speaking to myself.


I did not plan what I would say, but I will go back and listen to this video, and I have a feeling it’s going to be like, “Frances, you were speaking to yourself today.” So, it’s all about letting go.


So first we have to connect.


Make sure that we are grounded.


We’ve pushed the distractions out.  We get that Fire moving and then we intensify the fire with our breath.


Then, as we reach that point where the fire is exploding throughout every portion of our being, we can draw in that beautiful, gentle water element the frequencies of the Balsam Fir and Northern Lights Black Spruce and Frankincense and Sacred Frankincense.  These turquoise and silver energies.  To temper the fire.  Too much water can put out the fire, absolutely stop everything, but just the right amount of water. And I’m going to apply the Northern Lights Black Spruce first today.  I’ve applied both.


Oh, this is a new bottle right down here on my desk, so I’m going to apply that and breathe it in, intending and visualizing that gentle water moving through every portion of my being.  Cooling down the heat from the Fire.  And that accelerated heat of the Fire and the Air, just bringing everything into harmony.


The Water element, two of these glyphs that form the Water element are two of the three that form the Harmony hologram.  By adding the 9th glyph, which is Ylang Ylang, is the hologram of Harmony, everything being together in harmony.


Now that is one of the top things that’s on my Refinement List.  Every single day when I write my Refinement List, harmony. I choose to have harmony in my life on all levels.


When we are in harmony, we do not have illness or disease.


It’s harmony on all levels. Harmony on the emotional level. The dramas disappear.


I am already, while I’m talking, feeling more and more calm.


I’m also, interestingly, I’m not feeling like my nose is stuffed up. I’m not feeling like I’m going to sneeze or cough, because I took just a few moments to bring those frequencies of the of the elements into my physical form and energy being.  And then we complete it by intending to bring in that 5th element.


The fifth element is the energy of ether.  It actually can be the energy of the Sacred Space.


It is the void. It is the space between.  The ether, if you will.  Between every single cell and molecule, between everything, there is a little bit of space between. That is the full energy.


You can think of it as emptiness.


The void.


Or.  You can also think of it as being the space of possibilities, the womb of the universe, so to speak, where there is nothing there but potential.


So, how we utilize that potential is totally up to us.  And it is up to us to bring that harmony all around those empty spaces, so that we can then have harmony extend throughout every portion of the being.  So.  I see that I have talked far longer than I meant.


I thought this would be very soft, very short today, but I challenge each one of you this week to really sit down and just.


You may look at the elements that are on your app or if you have the cards.  Pay attention to them.


You may find that you like a different order rather than Earth, Fire, Air and Water.


I explained why I choose. You can go back through and listen to this this video again.  Write them down.  Experiment.  Have fun.  Play.


This is your journey.


Every one of us has our own special journey and we each may do things differently, so have fun playing this week and share with us.


I would love to hear your sharing about what brings harmony into your life. What is the key?


Each one of us must discover that for ourselves, however, we are all learning from one another all the time.

00:26:19 So have a happy, happy week and I’ll look forward to being with you next Sunday.