23 April 2023 – The Universe Doesn’t Speak English – It Speaks Frequency


Good morning. Good morning. Or good evening. Happy, happy day. Happy Sunday here in Bali.


This has been quite a big week energetically, would you agree? We had a big, big, full, er, new moon. Excuse me. New moon. Solar eclipse. With a lot of planets all lined up in a very powerful array.


We also had Mercury went retrograde, for those of you following those things, which usually or often brings about a slowing down.  Retro, meaning the going back, looking back. So retrograde is a wonderful time to review things. To redo those things that are not working. To revisit and to renew, oh with this powerful new Moon Eclipse.


New moons are all about creating and an eclipse is extremely powerful. It’s going to triple or quadruple or whatever with the power.  And this particular one seems to be, it’s supposed to be a very powerful thing.


We also had Earth Day celebrated on the 22nd. It may still be the 22nd for some of you who are watching on the Western Hemisphere, and that is that is a wonderful time.


I’m, I’m really amazed that we just managed to get to this particular point in the things that we’ve been talking about, because we’ve been talking about frequencies a lot, a whole lot.


So when I made that post this week about the universe, the planet, it does not speak English or German or French or Spanish. It speaks, what? It speaks frequency.


So what is the first word you normally think about when you hear the word: frequency?


Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is I think of music and I think of harmony.


The fact is that there are harmonious frequencies and there are frequencies that are not so harmonious. So. I’m choosing Harmony.  I have, I’m diffusing it in this room right now. I have been applying it multiple times today.


Whatever blend you have chosen. I will attempt not to go on and on because I will just continue next week, if, you know, from wherever we leave off today, if that’s OK. I have lots of fun things. I have lots of my tools around every week and today, because I posted also that they, for that New Moon – the creative moon – and all of our Tibetan bowls, our sacred tools, were shined in the manner that they treat without chemicals, that they treat the sacred tools here in Bali.


And I’m going to show you and just kind of tap on. I have three of my Tibetan bowls right around me right now, and I also have my antique sacred manku bell.


I can’t actually play all of these at once for you, which I would do if I had a, if I were sitting with a spread with a table, but I’m going to show you how beautiful they are.


They’re all shined up really and truly, absolutely, gorgeous, and I’ll tap each one of them a few times. Right now, I’m going to tap this just once.


You hear that frequency and breathe in that frequency.


All of these bowls, these Tibetan bowls, the ancient Chinese 4500 years ago, 4500 years ago or more, understood frequencies, and the frequencies that are harmonious together.  That when people are using frequencies that are not in harmony with one another, that is when we hit those clashes.


So here is a second bowl, one of my favourites.


And then this.


To allow you to hear these frequencies kind of together, I’m going to tap the ones you can’t see and hold this one.


I don’t know how this is going to work with the microphone of the phone, however I forgot to bring the padded one that is so very, very beautiful when in striking the large bowls, the resonance is incredible.


So even though the tone may be a different tone, the frequencies are still in harmony.


The way that frequencies are measured is in Hertz, and they all reduce down. They may be different multiples of 432, but they all reduce down to the 432, which is in numerology a 9. So, I’m going to tap.


Just close your eyes, use your oil and listen and feel. Feel with your heart. Feel with your body with every portion of your being.


Finally, the manku bell.


So, let’s take a deep breath.


What kind of week have you had?


I’m, when I talk about things, sometimes they will make no sense. Sometimes they will make a lot of sense to some of you. So, the whole point in what we have talked about, and we talk about, I talked about continuously, is frequency.  That everything in this, on this, planet has frequency, and different frequencies are harmonious with your unique energy flow. 


Energy flow and frequency are not really the same thing, but every single one of us has a unique energy flow.  That does not mean our frequencies are necessarily different, although they may be so.  It’s all about aligning your frequency, the frequencies that are around you that are part of who you are, because your frequency is who you are. That they are in alignment, or in harmony, with the frequencies that you were designed to carry. OK.


Shall I say that again?


It’s about our authentic frequencies. It’s about our authentic energy flow so that we are capable of holding that frequency, that high frequency. That harmonious frequency.


When we are in harmony on all levels, it means that there is no dissonance, absolutely no dissonance anywhere in our field or in our physical body, our physical body is merely the densest portion of our energy being of the being which is who we are.


So as our physical body, as our entire energy being becomes more in harmony, we may find that our illness, our disease, everything that is not in harmony, it’s going to just dissipate.


Isn’t that exciting?


Well, I’m living proof that this really can happen.


You know, I’m one of these who has to see it for myself, which may be one of the reasons I’ve had so many interesting adventures. Interesting, I say, my injuries.


Because, truly, my body, even at my advanced age of – I still have another month before I’m going to be 80 – but at my advanced age of 80 years old, my bones are still growing.


My body is still regenerating, so it is possible for every single one of us to become more in harmony and to regenerate even the physical form.


This may require some belief.


It doesn’t happen overnight. So, I do shower myself with Believe quite often, and it may entail finding out that – that we aren’t really designed to do some of the things we thought we were designed to do.  That we are really very different people from those we thought we were.


And this particular time of recreating, this new moon time, this solar eclipse, gives us a lot of power to create.  And with our Mercury retrograde, to recreate, looking back, cre-create who we truly are. Would you enjoy being the being that you were truly created to be?  Well, how do we do this?


Well, when we surround ourselves with frequencies that are in harmony with who we were created to be, then we can gradually raise our frequencies up.


And it’s not about any frequencies being good or bad.


It’s about how they are in harmony with you at any given moment.  That they are in harmony. 


Here in Bali, every single day, there are gratitude blessings given here at Fuller Life Bali in about 50 places.  These are gratitude for the balance, the harmony, for everything working together in harmony. Not about overpowering, it’s about harmony.


So.  I thought it was wonderful with the Earth Day being celebrated on April 22nd that we’ve been talking so much about the elements, and I finally brought one that is not laminated. But last week we went through this and I talked briefly about how, about the sacred geometry.


If I’m, if I’m going into too much math stuff, remember, that’s my background.


And you, you don’t have to pay attention to it.  But some of you who are visual, or are kinesthetic people who like to touch things, rather than thinking of it in terms of frequencies you may choose to think of it in terms of the way it feels or the way it looks.


And it may, any way that we are interacting with harmonious frequencies, can enhance our own harmony. And to me, harmony, I also think of intervals, which is why I selected the particular bowls that I use today because they’re in thirds.  So, they feel harmonious to me.


The ones that are closer together may feel a less less harmonious, even though dissonance is often required in order to achieve greater harmony. Which, shall I say that again?


Dissonance may be required in order to bring about greater harmony overall.


Because remember, the frequencies are interacting, just like essential oils.


This is how we can layer. We can layer essential oils, which is layering frequencies on our body and inhaling them.


We can use colors. We can use sound.


We can use things that we are touching. Right beside me, I have three of my 432 tuning forks that I use.


I can’t. I could. Well, you may hear me rattling them.


However, the sound is so soft that it’s the frequency, the vibration, that when we place these tuning forks on the body, how it feels, what it does.


Those frequencies, those vibrations move throughout the body.


Bringing about that frequency, bringing it in.


So, as we are layering frequencies, whether it’s the oils, the colors which also have frequency, looking at the shapes of the glyphs, holding the, the, or thinking about the figures, the geometric figures that have these frequencies, or whether we are thinking about the concepts of these frequencies.


Whatever we are doing as we are layering more ways, I feel that it is far, far more powerful.


However, whatever appeals to you is right for you.


The key is, really, about making your connection with your Creator.


Pushing all that chaos outside.


Everything that is not supportive of you learning to have a separation, a boundary, around your field, so that you can have a safe place to hear your messages, your guidance, which is unique to you.


Your guidance is not like anyone else’s. It may have similarities, but in fact each of us has unique messages.  And each of us has the ability to connect with the Creator, to hear our messages, to understand who we were created to be.  And, to become who we were created to be.


I believe this was my whole heart.


More believe showers!


So, as we become more and more of who we were created to be, that’s the third oil.  I pull out usually a few oils that just help me, that that seem to be supportive, most supportive in that moment.  We can reach our highest potential.


You know, this is Gary’s, was Gary’s, favorite oil that he applied every single day.


Every time I use it, I think of Gary because, and of course, I always get emotional.


Because of the fact of what I learned from him, and the gift that he gave to every single one of us, the gift of these amazing essential oils, the gift of, of Gary himself.  And many of you know, you may wonder why I now call.


I created the Rainbow healing system, which is a way of working with the glyphs so that we can attune to those frequencies that are in harmony with our frequency.  Frequencies that are not in harmony, those that are in disharmony, can cause clashes.


They can cause illness and disease.


They can cause emotional stress. Or distress.


So it’s all about understanding what is in harmony with us.  And as long as we have lots of outside influences constantly bombarding us, it is very, very difficult for us to discern the frequencies that are the most compatible.


Now, this particular one, and I will go back to talking about these another time as well because, otherwise, I will go on for the next hour, and I do attempt to keep these to the 20 minutes, under 20 minutes and I’m getting very close to that right now.  I’m sitting here looking at at the clock on my phone. But this is the, this is the shape.


This is, it is not I who figured this out, this is mathematicians who figured that this cube has the, is the representative, of the earth element with its flat surfaces.


It has six surfaces that are squares.


If you cut them in half, it’s 12 triangles.


That’s how they get the frequency.


The number of degrees in the triangles.


But you see these flat surfaces make their – there’s a lot of surface area to connect with the Earth and that is so important. That is the planet upon which we live.


Just for those of you who like numbers, this is 2160 Hertz. All of these frequencies of these five sacred geometry polyhedrons, got to give it the name,  figures, can reduce to the number nine because they are multiples.  They are multiples.


So that’s kind of, that’s fascinating.


It’s as if we think, no human, I mean, no human could have come up with all of the things.  The way the planets move in a in a mathematical way, in a very organized pattern.  The way everything, the seasons come, the days, the sun rises, the sun sets.


Everything is in a particular pattern. It isn’t happening randomly.  So, we live upon the Earth, and connecting with the earth is very, very important to us. So. I love that.  As I said, the Earth Day on April 22nd, it’s perfect, beautiful, beautiful time to be reminded.


Now, this is the way the earth element looks in Rainbow Healing with the first glyph, the third glyph and the ninth glyph.


These are, this is geranium, cedarwood and ylang ylang essential oils, which – I love to layer them, multiple times daily, inhaling them, listening to the frequencies,  Earth frequencies.


You can find these on an app. I have an app that is no longer available, and I listen every morning to the frequencies, and again. Next week I’ll probably choose to go through the way that I ground with each of the elements every single morning before I get out of bed.


When I say every single morning.  We all skip things from time to time, would you agree? And those times that I don’t take time to tune in, ground, move the frequencies through my physical form and energy being with intent.


Connect with the Source first, not through the brain.


It’s through the heart.


That’s where we’re going to get our messages.


That’s where we’re going to really achieve harmony.


So. I have talked on and on, and I do apologize.  However, I would challenge each of you to make it a practice this week, at least morning and evening, perhaps other times during the day.


To take a deep breath, to just pull back, take a deep breath and ask.


Is my frequency, is the frequency that I am bringing in, and the frequencies I’m surrounding myself, in harmony with the frequencies I was created to hold? My authentic frequency. And I hope you have a happy, happy, wonderful week revisiting things so that they can become more harmonious.  Bringing more joy and harmony into every moment.