16 April 2023 – Are You a Spectator in Your Own Life?


Hello, hello. I have lots of toys around me today. I hope you’ve had a wonderful, wonderful week. It’s been a really exciting one for me.  My daughter arrived from Ecuador, and I had not seen her in a long time.  So at any rate, today I muscle tested to play the white alchemy gold, white light, angel gold bowl.


So just breathe in whatever oils you have chosen to use today.


I chose Transformation.  Release.  Present Time.  And, of course, never leaving out Believe.  So, just breathe in the oils, and enjoy.


A big thank you to all of you, who, who get online early.  As you know, I press the button at 10:57 so that I will actually begin what we’re talking about at 11:00 o’clock.


Those of you who may have known me for a long time know that if I am ever late for anything, it is something that was totally out of my control.  So, control is something we may talk about here, because I posed the question in a post earlier this week: Are you a spectator in your life? 

And this may have to do somewhat with our choosing to control our lives, as opposed to experiencing the life we were created to live.


Put that in a slightly different word. I thought to myself, what if we choose to live the life we were created to live rather than to attempt to create the life our brain tells us to create?  Ok?  I’m putting that thought out there.  Hopefully, I may come back to it, we will see.  I never know for sure exactly how that happens. 

But I have toys around me. I have been promising some new toys recently and for some reason, each week it seemed like no, I would test that it was not the right time to bring them out.


Well, today, guess what?  It’s the right time.


So, I have in front of me little teak wood replicas.  Little, little figures of the five polyhedrons.


Have to bring in, an old math term, but they’re the regular polyhedrons, the five that are considered sacred geometry.


Now, having been the math teacher, I like, you know, bringing in geometry.  But some of us love to feel things or visualize them differently.


I talk so much about frequency.  And yes, everything is all about frequency.


Frequency is not something we see.


However, frequency can cause shapes.


It can cause differences in shapes.


And the cube, which has six very square sides to it, is considered to hold the frequency of the of the Earth element.


So, we’re going to talk about the elements today.  So this is the earth element, and you can see how the flat sides make it very grounding, very stable.


So, I will bring these out again.


You haven’t seen the last of them.  Then, whoops, then we have we have four others, because there are the five elements, as you know.  By the way, the frequency of the cube, the frequency held within the cube, mathematically, is 2160 Hertz. That’s a really solid frequency that can really transmute or change frequencies that may not be harmonious.


I know that often, we think in terms of we have to be floating around in order to increase our frequency, when in fact grounding to the Earth may be one of the most important things that we can do.  So I’m going to pick these up randomly today.


I have a special order, but I’m saving that for later. So, this one has triangular faces.


Four of these, uh, three of these, have triangular faces.


This happens to have eight of them. This is an octahedron. And this would hold the frequency, 1440 Hertz frequency. And, it is what is considered to be the Air element.


Did I say that wrong? Yes. No, I said it right. Sorry. I’m picking up another triangular face. This one has four triangular faces. This is associated with the Fire element, and the Fire element has a frequency of – 700.


The tetrahedron, which is this particular geometric shape, has the frequency of 720 Hertz. Then we have the other one, which is has lots and lots and lots of sides to it, all of them triangles, and this is considered to be the Water element.  And the Water element frequency, the frequency of this particular shape, is 3600. Wow, we’re getting on up there. That’s even higher than Earth.


And then we have the dodecahedron.  Yes, the dodecahedron, which has pentagons. And this is the shape of the Ether element, the fifth element. So, what is the fifth element?  By the way, this is 6480 Hertz.


So, what is the Ether?


OK. I had really, really, really think about this because, what is it?


How do you think about it?


It’s not important what I say.


It’s important what you feel and sense around you.


However, the four Earth elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water are things that we can see, we can touch, we can feel.  The Ether is something else.


It is the void.


It is the space between.  It is the womb of the universe.


You can think of it as being empty, as in the void, or you can think of it as being filled with endless possibilities.


Now we have a new moon on, well on the, on Wednesday the 20th here in Asia, on the night of the Tuesday the 19th in the Western Hemisphere.


This is a very powerful new moon, which is all about creation.


We start with the emptiness, the void, the possibilities.  And the possibilities are unlimited.


They’re limited only by what we make them limited by. Limited by what we think, for the most part, by what we choose to have in our lives.


Now, most of us were trained, programmed, whatever you choose to think.  Most of us were,  have always, most of our lives thought about, “We must control.  We must control, and create what we choose to have.”


Now I’m going to pose the question. What if?


What if instead, we shift our focus over to becoming our authentic self? The being that we were created to be.


That being filled with all of the possibilities, because we are having all of all of our knowledge and abilities to live the life we were created to live.


When we think from our brains, we are limiting those possibilities.


So. This is a whole new way of thinking, for Frances, for sure, because I was one of the ones who set the goal and achieved the goal. Next, set a goal, achieve a goal.


However, they were goals that came from my brain, rather than goals that may have come from my heart and my heart connection with the creator.


So, this has to kind of be a balance here.


I saw a post earlier this week, from one of my friends, who said the brain can communicate – talking about communication – the brain can communicate, and 20% of the true ideas can come from the brain, but 80% come from the body.  We, when we listen to our body, and remember our heart is part of our body.  So that when I saw the 20 and 80, I’m thinking yes, I’m listening to the body.


That’s what I have been attempting to learn to do.


However, listening to my connection with the Creator, and that create connection comes into the heart.


So, the heart is part of the body, right?


So that made me feel a lot better, when I suddenly began to think in terms of, yes, the heart, that connection.  Listening more to the connection with from the heart and from the body, the signals our body gives us rather than the signals our brain gives us.  Now, the brain is going to control everything it possibly can, if we allow it to.  Because that is the way we all, kind of, were trained to do.  To listen to the brain. To create things in our limited brain.


Now, when we are connected with the Creator, listening to our heart, listening to our body, paying attention, the possibilities are limitless, and we will never be led astray.


Looking back over my long life, I realized that the things that, that, the goals that were difficult for me were the ones that I attempted to be in control.


Well, it’s a difficult thing to realize that we are really much stronger, much more powerful when we let go of control.


So that’s why I have a big bottle of Release essential oil sitting here in front of me today.


Because releasing that control, that need to be up here in the brain, and rather allowing creation to come through us .  So.


I’m going to approach this from the Rainbow Healing elements.


Many of you have seen me – I’ve, I’ve got this, this is – I’m sorry, this is a laminated copy so you’re getting a lot of glare on it. However going back to these five elements that I talked about. I have them all, I have four of them here.


They are pictured and we, I even have them separately, so we can picture these individually as we start out.


I’m sorry, I should have gotten one that was not laminated.


But as we start out with the Earth element.  Now, if you’re the visual person who likes to think about the particular glyphs that are concerned, or if you would prefer to think of this particular shape.


We have lots of different options that we can do.  So, the Earth element to me is the first place to start to ground, to be connected.


In order to be authentic, we have to be grounded.  Now, things are going to look different to every one of us, and this is, this is the whole thing. How can we possibly live the life that we were created to live if we are not our authentic self? OK?


So. And, one of the glyphs in this in the Earth element is the Authenticity.  And, I asked the staff, oh, several years ago, when we did our mandalas for the for the Colours coloring book, to just, to color them in according to way they felt.


And, I want to show you some different of these.  This is all the third glyph, which is the Authenticity that is anchored by cedarwood and copaiba essential oils, and the crystals of Amber and Red Jasper.


This is one of these.


Now yours may not look at all like this, but you may visualize this.


And here is another version. Very different.


And we have a third version. I only have four of these here.


And, yours may feel different.  Although you may gain inspiration looking at these.  So.  OK. What do we do?


Well, the order that I have found, that is really, really, really helpful for me in thinking about, in really getting these elements into my physical form. That’s the goal, to get things not just around us.


We get these frequencies into our physical form, and our physical form frequencies are going to change. When the frequencies are in alignment with the frequencies we were designed to hold, we have no illness or disease. We have no pain. We have eternal youth, so to speak.


So, it’s all about neutralizing other frequencies. And I, there’s no such thing as bad and good.


It’s all about having the perfect frequencies for you, and higher frequencies are going to help to neutralize any lower frequencies that you might be holding.


Now, to me, this is very exciting, because I’m, you know, approaching rapidly my 80th birthday.


And so I’m, you know, attempting to remind myself that I don’t have to be old just because I’ve been here for a long time.


My body can still be healthy, and it can be in harmony.  And that again, that’s another beautiful blend, and a way for us to be thinking – Harmony.  Always harmony. Harmony.  Is this frequency that’s coming in harmonious to my frequency?


Is my frequency that I’m currently holding truly harmonious with what I was designed to hold?


Hmmm. That’s the whole different little idea, isn’t it?  Because every single one of us was designed to hold specific frequencies, so it’s all about, we don’t have to understand up here.


We just have to feel it, in our bodies.  Feel it in our hearts, and the only way we’re going to do that, is by our connection with our own creator.


It’s not about what someone tells us.


When someone tells us something, we’re getting it up here in the brain.


Most of us, if we could just kind of get rid of a lot of those messages that come in from the brain, from our brains, and just listen to our heart, listen to our bodies.


It’s all about that harmony that our bodies, our Creator, is attempting to have us be happy, to experience happy, harmonious things.


We all have lessons to learn. Yes, we have lessons to learn.  But they don’t have to be really difficult.


Some of them are! Because we just haven’t listened for such a long time.


We, you know, we are just used to doing things.  We might choose to take another sniff of Release or Lemon essential oil.  Lemon anchors the seventh glyph of Rainbow Healing, and it’s all about that letting go of the way, the ways that we’ve thought about things, letting go of our expectations. Ooh. We all, we all have expectations.


And, sometimes, that’s going to limit us even more.  So as we get beyond that, and begin integrating our true knowledge and abilities, we become more and more powerful all the time.


However, we have to get to that point in our authenticity.


So, what do I like to?  What have I find?


First thing, really connect with the Earth.


Whether I’m just thinking Earth, whether I’m thinking of the three glyphs that make up the Earth element in Rainbow Healing, whether I’m applying the oils, holding the crystals, thinking of the, of the cube, that grounding, that solidarity, of being part of the Earth, of not floating around.


Then the next thing, and I have found this so powerful. I do it before I get out of bed every morning.


I’m thinking of this, and I actually have an app on my phone that has the sound frequencies of these, of these elements.


The next thing I like to do is the Fire element and the Fire element, Sorry, Fire element here and this is the way the Fire element looks in the Rainbow Healing Glyphs, because Fire is going to bring everything into action. Get everything moving.


We need to, in order for change to take place, we have to have everything moving. Would you agree?


No change can take place if we are stagnant.


So then after the Fire element, what happens if you add air to a fire?


Here is the Air element as depicted in the Rainbow Healing Glyphs.  But the Air element, the Air element is going to make the Fire stronger.  The raging fire.

If you blow on a fire – now, if you blow too hard, you can put the fire out. However, if you blow gently, the Air element, then that fire can get stronger and stronger.


I’m one who has difficulty keeping my fire burning. I’m cold, a lot of the time, physically cold, because my fire is not burning brightly.


Now, I’m still passionate, however my fire at the physical level is not as strong.  So as this Air element, I just visualize that fire raging through every part of my being, totally obliterating all of the blocks, obliterating all of the things that do not belong there.


And then, after that, bringing in the Water element. This is that high frequency, 3600 Hertz. That Water element, to cool down the fire, not to put it out, but to cool it down and bring it into balance.  And this is that very high frequency 3600 of mega, of Hertz, not megahertz, Hertz of the, of this particular, of the “icosahedron.”


So, we’ve got these four elements, and now we’re ready for the fifth element.  The fifth element, that space between, this is the element.


I don’t have it pictured in the Rainbow Healing Glyphs because it is not something we can touch or see. It’s something we simply experience. That ether.  That space between.  That limitless possibilities.


So this week, I challenge each one of you to, to move forward.  To pay attention.  Think about the elements. Try this! See if it works for you.


It’s not about what works for me, or what works for your sister or brother, or mother or father, or best friend.  It’s about what works for you.


And I love thinking of these elements first thing in the morning.  And I love listening to the frequency on my phone because it’s… and I do this while I’m beginning to move around, because I’m also visualizing the glyphs and using the essential oils. But it truly has given me a new way of thinking.


So, I challenge each of you this week, you make use of this powerful, powerful eclipse that is coming on Tuesday night in the west, and on Wednesday during, in the east here, to really create, to clear out.  Start with that empty moon, that void, the endless possibilities, and create that life that you were designed to live. Have a beautiful week.