09 April 2023 Live Life as if Everything is Rigged in Your Favour


Good morning, good morning or good evening.


This is a weekend when many across the planet are celebrating new birth, new life.


And so, for me, when I went to my closet to figure out what to wear today I thought green, green! And then when I came downstairs I was chilly, so, I keep a lot of scarves, several scarves, tucked behind the pillows on my sofa, and oh, I found this one, which reminds me, totally, of new growth.


So that’s why I’m here today, dressed in my green and the yellow, the colors of brand-new growth.  So.


Whatever oils you have chosen to use. I personally begin with Highest Potential, because that is something that I am choosing to do in every moment.


Whatever oil or oils that you have chosen. I’m just going to tap the bowls a little bit because, I for some reason, I just feel like I’m going to really talk a lot today. So.


Breathe in the oils. Breathe in these frequencies. I’m so excited to see some of you watching already. And this is my special Tibetan bowl that I bought personally, in Lhasa in 1998. And so just breathe in these frequencies. The Tibetan bowls to me are much more of a Yang energy than the crystal bowls, and the Yang energy is all about movement.


Even the gold color is about movement so. Take a deep breath. *bowl singing*


And the manku bell.


So happy, happy, happy day and the inspiration for the title today, and for the entire subject, I guess, was a Rumi quote that I came across in my memories. I had posted it a number of years ago, maybe seven or eight years ago, and it just really, some of you may have missed it or some of you may have seen it. It just really touched me.  “Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour.”


Wow! Isn’t that the essence, the very essence of positivity?


Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour.


So.  As I thought and meditated, I thought to myself, first of all, this this just speaks to me, child – inner child. Let that inner child come out.


Because it is, so many of us have thwarted our inner child, that playing, that living with reckless abandon that is inherent in children, before they get programmed in another way.


So as if we are living our life as if everything is skewed or is rigged in our favour.


Those are the words, the way that Rumi’s quote was translated.  Then, we see that, it occurred to me, that we see what we choose to see, OK?


I was also reading a post, one of my friends posted something this week about having joined a mushroom spotting group, which of course I didn’t know existed. But that’s OK.


I caught her post, and I caught the essence of that, because she said that now every time she walks her dog, she’s seeing all of these beautiful mushrooms and taking photos, which are really wonderful to share.


She shares them on Facebook and Instagram with the rest of us.  And I thought to myself, because she she mentioned that she had not noticed them before, and I thought to myself, it’s because we choose what we see.


How many of you have thought about that?


We really choose what we see.


We choose obstacles, or we choose opportunities.  And I got to thinking myself, now she’s seeing more mushrooms, which is not something that I look for, and I thought about the opposite side of that because, for instance I don’t, I’m sorry for those of you who love reptiles. Snakes are not my thing.


I don’t know why I have this fear of snakes because I’ve never been harmed by one.


However, I choose not to see snakes.


Now, you have to understand. I live next to the jungle. Next to a river, with rice fields all around me. Ok? You got the picture?


There are snakes around.


They have to be.


But I just don’t see them because I choose not to see them.


So, I’m going to suggest that you pay attention to what you are choosing to see.


Going back a little bit, the fact that this is a time of rebirth, new growth. I’m just really excited to have this scarf on. I haven’t seen this in a long time because it’s been tucked behind the pillow. But I, the new growth, the happiness, the joy that it brings.  The inner child joy that it will bring if I am choosing to allow things, the positive things, to be seen in in my life.  The positive things, the happy, the things that give me joy.


And, these are what I consider springtime colors.


Now, I’m in the south of the Equator, so it’s actually heading into winter season for us, however, right on the Equator, it’s always growing season, and we have lots and lots and lots of butterflies.


I have my special crystal butterfly right here beside me because it gives me joy.


It reminds me that nothing has to stay the same.


We can all undergo that metamorphosis.


The living, believing that we truly can complete that metamorphosis.


It’s within us. Each one of us has that that ability to totally bring about the life that we choose to live.  We have that ability to live with that reckless abandon. To live life as if everything is rigged in our favour.


Isn’t that exciting?


Does that excite you as much as it does me?


Well, absolutely.


I got to thinking a little more.


And I thought, well, what if we choose to see and I left this blank.


I thought about it as I meditated each day thinking what if I choose to see blank.


I would challenge each of you to take a few moments to think about that.


What would you choose to bring?


Now, this is also part of our Refinement List, our #Gary series, Grow Actively Refining Yourself, to understand what you choose to have in your life, and what you choose not to have in your life.


What you choose to see? And what you choose not to experience, not to see.


Now we all have things, lessons to learn. They’re put in our place and they’re to teach us something.


And, we all have the ability to learn the lessons that we came here to learn.


It’s a matter of first, focusing on getting that kernel deep inside. Getting out of the mind out of the brain.  That that was another quote that I came across from Lao Tzu. I have a few little notes today because I had these quotes that were like, oh, well, this is going to be fun.


And the translation from Lao Tzu was, “Stop thinking and end your problems.”


Stop thinking and end your problems.


Get out of here.


Get into here.


Get into the heart and really feel, experience, as we bring that harmony those things that we choose to experience, those things that we choose to see, like Bernie in the mushrooms.


And to choose things that we choose not to see, like Frances and the snakes.


That will give us that kernel, of harmony, deep within, and that’s where all healing actually takes place.


First, we have to heal from the inside, working out.  When we get that frequency of harmony anchored in our hearts, it can then begin to expand.

It’s like a kernel of a seed that is planted deep in the earth that begins to sprout and put its roots out, and then it begins to grow, and it can grow very strongly.  If we are working from the outside in, always, then we’re never going to really get to the core.


Does that make any sense?


So, this is kind of reversed from what we’ve all most of us have been programmed to do, which is take care of what’s on the outside, what’s pressing us the hardest first, and then work down, maybe never getting to the real core of the issues.  So.


We’re going to focus on the cores of the issues and then allow, as we get that harmony, matching that frequency, it’s all about frequency, and last week I talked a lot about how in our healing process, we are learning to match our frequency to the frequency we were created to have, to experience, to live. And the frequencies outside may be very, very, very different from the frequencies we were designed to hold.


Can this cause problems?


Of course it can. If we allow it.


However, when we are focusing on our frequency, our frequency will be perfect for us, and it will stabilize us in any situation.


So, while the energies, the frequencies, that are surrounding us may be hostile or disharmonious for us, when we are really creating and living in our own energy, our frequency, nothing external will really have that much of an impact on us now.


That’s probably very backwards.  And I’m, I’m surprised that I’m saying these words, because this is not really what I kind of thought I was going to be talking about.


However, again, it’s all about starting at the inside and really, really focusing upon what it is that we were designed to do.  Not what we were told we were designed to do, but what we truly were created to do and to be.


So,let’s see what else I have in here. Oh, so how do we do that?  I’m sorry, I didn’t, I don’t often have too many notes, and I have, because I have these quotes that I want to be sure I share, and make an impact with you, and with a quote I feel that I need to, it’s important to, accurately quote it.


However, the big thing is that this is what the Journey of the Glyphs, this is what our Refinement Process, is all about.  Its understanding and developing our ability to hold the frequencies, the energy, the energy flow that we were designed to hold.  When we are doing that, new, interesting, exciting, positive things will come up for us.


We may understand that we have lots of gifts and talents and knowledge that we never dreamed we had because we have been pushing it down for so long.  Attempting to do what we were told, or the way we were programmed to be.


So, as we are using this daily process, the daily practice, someone asked me this week, “Well, what do I do first? I don’t understand.”


And I said, “Make that commitment, the 30 day, the 30 day challenge, to do that practice every day.  o go through the Journey of the Glyphs.  To use your oils. To breathe in.  To intend to understand what it is you choose to experience.  What it is you choose not to experience.”


Now, as I’ve mentioned so many times, it, for me, it’s all about experiencing harmony. Getting rid of the drama. Getting rid of the manipulation, the things that are not comfortable for me.


Now. That may be totally different for you, and that’s for you to figure out.


Today when I came down, as I mentioned earlier, I had already determined that I was going to talk about how, that to live like Rumi’s quote.


It didn’t really surprise me that I would, for the first card that I selected, was the Breath of Life, that new experience, the change.


We cannot do anything without change.  Allowing change into our lives.


And that’s what it is. It’s allowing the change rather than fighting the change.


Some of us, me, I’m speaking of, particularly, have thought change most of our lives.


And, so this is a really, really big deal thing.


So last week I showed you the colors mandala from our coloring book.


And I thought, well, I’m going to see what this one looks like now.


Bear in mind, I did not actually color these.


I have colored them.


I have about four different books that are in process.  But one of the staff members at Fuller Life Bali colored this, and this was the way she saw those colors.


That Breath of Life in the center radiating outward.  And interestingly, with the green and the orange and the yellow.  All of that new life interest.  So.


I’m excited.


I hope that you are excited and will sit down and pay attention.


Pay attention to what you’re choosing to see.


What is it that you see?


Do you see positivity?


Do you see opportunities?  Or do you see obstacles?


What happens if you see something that is challenging?


Do you step back, and maybe move to the side, and take another look at it?  To see what it looks like from a different perspective?


Our perceptions change according to our perception.


Our beliefs, many times are core beliefs, however, sometimes they also end up changing over time as our perceptions change.


So, I’ll leave you with this – this quote. This is rather long so I’m going to make sure that I say it.


This is from Lao Tzu.


As I said, I kind of was looking through some of my old notes this this week, and I came across some of these amazing inspirational quotes, and this of course is a translation from Lao Tzu, who’s Chinese.


“Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear, and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dream.”


So, I challenge you this week to hold on to the belief that truly, your life is rigged with everything in your favour.

00:21:56 And I look forward to seeing you next week.  Have a happy, happy week filled with lots of beautiful, happy, new growth.