It’s another bright and beautiful sunny Sunday morning here in Bali and I’m excited to be back.


I was just, my, my thoughts had been just racing through my head, and I was getting.


All of a sudden, I noticed that it was 10:57, and I’m so excited to see that there’s some already here.


Welcome, welcome! Thank you for being here.


So, I have a bowl to play and I’ve been applying lots of oils, and so whatever oils you, of course, have chosen to use during this particular session, get them out, put them on, breathe them in.


We’re going to play first, I’m going to play the that Lavender Aura Gold bowl.


And this is all about awakening our intuition, awakening our vision. Allowing us to move into a higher level.  And this just seemed very, very appropriate today, so.


Just close your eyes.


Breathe in your oils and listen.


Let me carefully put my bowl away so that I won’t knock it over.


That is my greatest fear, if you will, of knocking over one of my crystal balls and breaking them.  But welcome, welcome, Happy, Happy Sunday or whatever day or evening it is that you’re watching.


What I thought about talking about today is what is the secret to getting back up.  I posted something that actually, I had actually posted eight or nine years ago, a little thing about focusing on living.  Living now.


Not on what knocked us down, but on getting back up.


So, that is what prompted the title this this week.


So, what is the secret?  Well, the first thing that came to my mind was, the secret is acceptance. Acceptance of where you are, what has happened.  So.  And the other part of that is getting back in, or establishing, harmony.


We have an oil for that too, a blend.


So how do we do that?


Yes, it’s wonderful to talk about, “This is what we should do. This is what we should do.” However, it’s not any definite thing about what anyone should do.


It’s what is right for you, the individual, at any given moment. 

And as I say, over, and over again – I’m rather repetitive – the only beings that truly know why you’re here are you and your Creator.


And so, it’s so important to establish that connection, and to learn to push out all of the other distractions that are preventing you from hearing your clear guidance.


So. I talk about the Journey of the Glyphs, and talk about them, and talk about them because it is something that is required over and over.


It’s not something we do once, or say, “Oh, yes. I’ve done that. I know it. I understand it,”  and then we move on.


It’s a process and as I realized not too many, actually only a few years ago did I really realize why the order of these glyphs is so important.  And that is because it really is, it’s that it’s important to do things in the right order in order to get to the next step.  It’s like climbing a staircase.


You can’t start in the middle of a 25 foot step staircase. If you try attempt to start in the middle, you’re going to fall back down probably.


So the first step is to clear the blocks, to actually clear the blocks.  And we’ve been through this my videos, my previous videos.  Please, look at them.


We’ll go through this, but we will do it again and again.


But clearing the blocks because we all block our healing in some way on some level, whether it’s at the physical level with physical illness and disease, or whether it is the emotional level.


And even if we don’t have physical symptoms, we all are dealing with some emotional blocks.


So.  This is geranium essential oil. It’s also the that warm pink color, that we focusing on the color, it’s all about frequency, and what we’re doing is attempting to match our frequency to the frequency that we were created to have.


Then after we’ve started clearing those blocks out, then we’re capable of this beautiful lavender frequency anchored by Lavender essential oil.  The structure to build our unique energy flow.  And each of us has that perfect energy signature for us.  It’s not right for others. It’s right for us.


So after we’ve done that, then we can begin to uncover and see the magnificence of who we truly are, because most of us have really not been aware of what we are really capable of doing, who we are, what our real gifts and talents are, and so that’s the third step.


And then to really allow that gentle nurturing frequency that turquoise energy, of the compassion to nurture whatever we uncover because it may not be what we expect and so this is that gentleness.


You may notice I’m wearing these colors, these colors of that turquoise today. And it’s not by accident, it’s because this was so important for the nurturing to accept, and to be who we were created to be, and then to move on.


So then that fifth step that we’ve talked about is the Breath of Life. Orange essential oil.  That Fire to make that choice to move forward, to leave the past behind.


It’s really about making that decision and it is an individual decision.  What we choose to do?


And that’s where that Refinement List really, really comes in there, because we all have to determine what it is that we choose to have in our lives, and what it is that we choose not to have in our lives.


That, to me is almost more important than what I choose to have in my life.  Because there’s so many things that have been a part of my life that are things that I really was not comfortable with.


And letting go of those things, getting them out of the life.


I’ve talked about this, you never have to share these things with others. When you write your refinement list, draw that line down the center. Write these things but make it for you.


It is not something you would necessarily ever choose to share with anyone, not even your partner, your most intimate friends.


Just, it’s for you and your awareness, to understand what it is that you truly desire to get rid of in your life.


What is holding you back now?


I’ve been open about some of the things on my on my Refinement List, just to give you an idea, because the things that I truly, truly choose to have in my life are things –  I choose to have honesty, I choose to have harmony.


I choose to have my strong connection with the Source, living in my sacred space with all the chaos, all the drama – I intend to eliminate drama and manipulation.  All of those things that really are not comfortable to me, or what I choose to get rid of, and push them out.  That’s what’s outside of my sacred space.


For those of you who’ve seen me do this so many times, I’m going to one of these times.  This is just the front of one of my books and sitting here because I have to have my props around me.


So once we begin understanding what it is that we truly do, and do not, choose to have in our lives, then again, that Acceptance comes into it.


This is the 6th glyph, the silver energy, anchored by the Sacred Frankincense.


And this is that energy that will allow us to accept who we are, who others are, where we are on our journey.  To allow ourselves to move forward or to stay where we are.  To allow, give ourselves permission, to do that.  And if we choosing to move forward, we’re going to have to let go of some more things and it’s going to be all about letting go of the fears and the habits.


Many times, it’s habits that are holding us back.  Beliefs.  Things that we’ve been told that maybe, we just believed because we’ve been told them so many times, but they don’t really sit well with us.


Does that sound familiar?


Well, once we begin letting go of those with this Lemon essential oil and this beautiful pale lemon frequency, then it’s like a weight has been removed from us so that we can fly higher.


I think this this reminds me of a bird flying.


So then this is the key. We can’t do this out of sequence because we have to make room for new things to come in.


And this is, I’m sorry I’m I’ve turned my cards upside down, they’re sitting in my lap.  And this is that Integration, that drawing back in all of our true knowledge and abilities, all of our strengths.


How many times are we told to work on our weaknesses?


That, that’s what we need to get ahead.


We’ve got to pay attention and work on the things that we don’t do well.


Well, guess what?


There’s somebody else out there who does those things very well, and it may be, that what we discover when we let go of some of these expectations is that we have gifts and talents.

We have abilities we never dreamed about.  And as we Integrate them into our being. 

This is that frequency of Jasmine essential oil.  That pale, silvery Violet energy that will allow us to become more and more of who we were created to be.  To uncover all of these skills.  Really integrating them into the very fabric of our being and to the physical level, into our DNA.


Isn’t that exciting?


Getting rid of the things that are holding us back.  And that could be physical illness and disease.  Because we’re holding frequencies that are not part of not compatible with our own. 

It’s going to make us sick.


As we begin bringing back into our entire energy being those frequencies that do match the frequency that we would design to hold,  wow! Powerful things happen.


So that brings us to the really the ninth thing, the 9th Glyph, which is that pale pink energy of Unity of everything working together, of harmony within the entire being.


Not just harmony on one level.  Harmony on all levels, and this even means the physical level so that our physical body is free of pain and illness and disease.


Does that excite you?


This is Ylange Ylang essential oil.   And the last of the 10 glyphs is simply the culmination of everything, which is the Leadership.


This is the Expansion, the whole concept of expansion, of being that magnificent creature, that being that we were designed to be and just allowing that frequency to emanate from us, positively impacting others.


So as you see, that is the Journey of the Glyphs. You can take a long time doing them one at a time, which I do them in different ways.


Interestingly, today I decided to select on my app.


Actually I do this.


I do it on my app.


I do it with the physical cards.


I do it by muscle testing.  Whatever feels right in any given moment.  But the card that I was thinking about, the particular one that I was thinking about when I awakened this morning, was to talk about this one – Integration.  That this is what it’s all about.


We have to get to the point where we can begin to integrate our true knowledge and abilities.


Does that make sense?


So, once we’ve gotten – if we try to jump to this point, there’s not going to be room and it’s going to be competing with other things.  And that’s another thing that I really.  Really, it kind of hit me between the eyes, if you will.


Maybe that’s the awakening of the third eye and why I chose to use the particular bowl, the Lavender Aura Gold bowl that I did today.


It’s all about that understanding what is right for us.  Understanding.  For most of my life – now, you may not agree with me, I usually have really strange things – I’ve been told I’m kind of weird and that’s OK.  I like the weirder Frances gets. The happier I seem to be.


But the idea that it was always about confronting something: fighting, winning, competing. Good over evil. Push the bad things out and conquer the bad things.


Well. Nothing’s good and nothing is bad. Everything on this planet, everything is about frequency, about energy and energy is not positive or negative. It’s just higher frequencies and lower frequencies. Ok?


OK.  So it’s not about overcoming, when we’ve been knocked down, as I go back to talking about the getting back up.  We’ve all for the last three years, we have all had had some challenges to overcome. Would you agree?


And most of us, many of us, who have been taught all along, it’s about fighting back, fighting back, getting back to where we were.


Well, first of all, where we were is in the past, OK?


It’s never going to happen again, because everything has changed. The future is all about, actually, fear of what is going to happen, it can really bring about a lot of fear.


So the big thing is also staying in present moment.  Staying in the present moment.


Harmonizing the energies that are surrounding you, the energies that are you.


New way of thinking, perhaps!


The energies that are who you are.  It’s all about looking inward, not looking at all the problems that are out there.


The ones that we truly cannot change. We can’t change the past and we have no real, real way of changing the future other than creating harmonious energy today.


Shall I say that again?  Creating harmonious energies today.


As you go through the Journey of the Glyphs, every time you do them, focusing on those frequencies; on moving through them through every portion of your being; on keeping the frequencies that are not compatible outside.


Bringing in the compatible frequencies.  Allowing them to move freely throughout your entire being.


Then, it’s all that harmony and balance will be established within you.


And as that is established within you, when you interact with others, it will radiate outward to them, just as the 10th Glyph, that Sandalwood essential oil is all about that.


Once again, going back to this idea of matching our frequencies to the frequency that we were designed to hold.  That, to me, it stuck in my mind over and over. It would keep coming back to me when I was swimming. It would come back to me just over and over while I was eating.  That it’s all about matching our frequency.


So I challenge each and every one of you, during this coming week, to pay attention.  That Checking In! To pay attention.  To go through the Journey of the Glyphs.


You can download the app. I will put it on in the comments if it’s not already in the comments. I can’t put it in the heading when I make a post, but I can put it in the comment,  to download your free app and play with these things.


It’ll give you more information.


Go back and look at some of my previous videos so that you can understand, because the more often that you are in harmony, the length of time you remain in greater harmony and balance, the greater impact you will have on others, positive impact and the greater you will rise up above all of that chaos.


So it’s not about beating something or fighting a fight.


It’s about looking internally.


Creating that Sacred Space where Harmony and Balance are in you, are a part of you.  And then, witnessing that experience.  So have a beautiful, beautiful week filled with lots of happy rainbows and beautiful discoveries as you begin to match your frequency with the frequencies of the things you truly choose to surround yourself with and to have as an integral part of your life.

Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you next week.