12 March 2023 – Which Way to Go


Good morning, good morning and happy Sunday, or whatever day, or evening you’re watching this.


I don’t know what oils that you have selected today.


I have selected four single oils and one blend.


Guess which blend I chose to have?


Well. I chose to believe for today, and that’s because this has been one of those periods where I’m really, it’s really important for me to increase my belief, so I will be showering myself with Believe quite a bit.


Have any of you felt this over the last few weeks?


Well, I’ve had a wonderful message from Mary Young this week and she told me that every time she sees a bottle of Believe she thinks of me, and she also mentioned that Ben Riley has decided, he has been starting every one of the executive committee meetings for Young Living with a Believe shower.  So.


If it works for me and it seems to be working for them, and I hope that each one of you will shower yourself with belief.


So, I have some new toys with me.


I really missed being with you last week, but I am happy to be back, and I do have some new toys.


I’m just going to quickly play…I brought two bowls today.


One is one I’ve had, but that I have not necessarily, I don’t believe I’ve played it on Facebook live and it is beautiful turquoise.


This is called the Ocean Gold Bowl and it is the tone of C sharp.


So, whatever you, whatever oil you have chosen to use, just breathe this in.


And then the second bowl, and I can’t play them together because my setup here is not, does not allow me to safely hold on to more than one bowl.  So, my second bowl will be a beautiful brand new member of my bowl family, the Rose Quartz Platinum Bowl, which is the C note, excuse me, the E note, which is normally associated with the third chakra.  And it also is the third, the third tone of the Rainbow Healing System.


Oh, as and because it has Rose Quartz, so much Rose Quartz and Platinum, it is also associated with the heart.


So, listen, enjoy, breathe in these frequencies.


That bowl just absolutely touches my heart, and it gets me very, very emotional.


So, I’m going to take a deep breath and get myself back to centre.


So, how many of you have been finding difficulty having to make difficult choices that you may not really choose to make at this time?


Is anybody feeling this energy?


Well, that’s kind of what goes along with the planetary energies at this moment.  Everything is in flux and it’s about letting go.


We just had this massive full moon, which is all about letting go.


And looking back a few months, I was thinking about that today. That looking back a few months may be helpful to see what really has been going on in our lives.


Is it really all leading up to where we are today?


So sure enough, when I opened my journal, I realized that November the 8th, just a few months ago was a massive lunar total lunar eclipse, which is all about letting go.  About things coming to fruition, and we have to let them go.


They – it’s not easy.


So, this is what I decided was the most important thing for me, because, well, I usually have my greatest insights while I’m swimming in the pool.  And I was in the pool this morning at 6:15, so that I would truly, truly have my mind and my body and my frequency engaged, so that I could be present here, in present time.


Did any of you choose Present Time as the blend of blend to apply?


Well, what I chose, what I’m choosing to do today is to talk about the elements.


I don’t often talk too much about the elements, although I have some new toys and we’re going to –  this may be a focus over the next few weeks.


So, at any rate.  The elements of Rainbow Healing System are, you can look at them on your app or in your books or on my Facebook, any of the information, however, they are, the Western apps are Air, Earth, Fire and Water, in alphabetical order. 

Over the last few weeks or months, I have found that it’s really helping me, every single morning, before I get out of bed, to actually visualize and use some oils and focus on these elements.


And I’m using them in this particular order.


Now, does that mean that I’m going to do this every day for the rest of my life?


I don’t know.


We have to wait and see.


However, I chose the first, the first one that I chose is Earth.


Because grounding to Earth to me is extremely important.  And, this is the way the earth element looks in the Rainbow Healing.


So I chose cedarwood which helps me to ground.


It’s a big tree with long roots that will help assist me in grounding.  So whatever particular oil, single oil or blend that you’ve chosen, you may have chosen Grounding, apply that. If you don’t have it, remember this is all about frequency so, whether it’s the frequency of the bowls that I played, the frequencies, (someday I will get a setup, or if you come to fuller life you will have an opportunity to have a full sound healing session or multiple ones), but breathe it in.  Intending now, this is where we’re going to start visualizing.


If you’re not a visual person, just intend.  That intent is going to make it happen.  So, intend that these beautiful frequencies of cedarwood, or the Earth element, come up out of the earth, through the bottoms of your feet, through the base of your spine, just rising all the way up.


Now, I love to just close my eyes and visualize, because I’m a visual person.  Now.  But. Breathe them in.


This is what I’ve been doing every morning, before getting out of bed, just really taking at least six or eight deep breaths.


While I visualize this, the frequencies, of this element moving through every portion of my being.  When we are grounded to the Earth, that is going to set the stage for our being balanced.


Oooh! When we’re indecisive, when we’re having to make choices that we don’t really want to make, It’s upsetting. It is unbalancing. It is ungrounding.


Would any of you agree with that?


We often think well, we ground, “Oh, I grounded this morning! I’m fine,” but unfortunately things can change in the flash of a moment.


So as you, whatever you’re picturing, whatever you’re intending, breathing in whatever frequencies you’re holding.  My personal belief is that you are choosing, each one of us chooses the exact frequencies that we require at any moment.


If any of you have young children who use the Young Living essential oils, you know that they often, even though they may not be able to read, they often will just reach for the particular bottles, the particular oils that they require, in any given moment.


Now we’ve gotten out of our, we’ve gotten into our heads so much that we’ve gotten kind of out of our hearts.


Most of us who are a bit older, and I’m sure I’m the oldest one who’s here today.  So it’s much more difficult for us to get out of up here, and to actually allow things to happen from the heart.


Our decisions, our choices, our positive changes don’t come from up here.


They come from here.  So getting us back into the heart is so very important.


So after grounding, which is the first step and as far as I’m concerned, in getting back into the heart, we cannot make our connections unless we are grounded, if we’re floating around everywhere. And then the next one that I find is very, very …


I changed my order around over years, months, weeks, and I found that this is really helpful for me, and that is to visualize Fire.


Fire. Because Fire is going to really increase everything.  It’s going to make everything, the molecules, move faster.


It’s going to make things happen.


It’s going to assist us in moving through change.  And these essential oils that anchor these frequencies in Rainbow Healing are Orange, Lemon, and Cedarwood, and I chose to apply Orange right now.


I’m going to apply my Orange and breathe it in.


Now what oils remind you of Fire?


Light the Fire. Ooh, that’s a good one.


Cinnamon may be one that you would choose.


Any one that you choose, just visualize those Flames of Fire coming up through the earth.


Coming up through the bottoms of your feet, moving through your legs, your hips, up your spine, clearing out blocks.  Between earth and fire, the blocks can begin to be dissolved.  And this is key to allowing us to be grounded, and balanced, and to be ready to move forward.  Would you agree?


Now again, we need to breathe in these frequencies and to be sure that they are in balance.


All, all one, and a little bit of another, is not necessarily the correct balance.  Although in any given moment, things don’t balance, does not necessarily mean equal, but rather: What is the perfect ratio?


Or the perfect balance for you at that moment, at that particular moment.  It may change, in 5 minutes, in 30 seconds, in three seconds, but at this moment, we are bringing in the frequencies, allowing them to move through every portion of your being.


So now this one is the next one that I found to be really, really special.  And I’ve grounded, I’m grounded so I’m solidly connected to the Earth.  Solidly connected to the creator, the source.  And then firing, moving that fire to get the molecules moving faster and faster to give me the energy, the stamina required for the change.


Well, guess what? If we add Air in there, Air is anchored by Lavender and Jasmine essential oils, but the Air element, what happens when you breathe on a fire?


When you go pffffew, that air comes into the fire. Well, the fire can go out, but if that fire is kindled and moving, it’s going to enhance the fire.


It’s going to make it much bigger.


The essential oils that anchor the Rainbow Healing are Lavender and Jasmine.


I’m going to apply Lavender right now, breathing it in.


That’s the one that I chose, since I didn’t choose all ten of the oils to have to apply with you.


I’m just going to breathe it in.


You may want to massage your head with it.


You may want to put it all over your skin.


It’s great for your skin.  Just breathing it in, feeling that Air, moving through every portion of your being so that it’s going to massively increase the amount of fire, till it’s almost out of control.


We’re not going to let it get out of control, but we are going to really allow it to burn brightly, so that it can burn off all of the things that we no longer require.


It’s so hard for us to choose to let go of things that we, that need to be let go of, things that have run their course, and making that logical choice is not always going to happen.  Some, some of us, prefer to put our heads in the sand and think, “Well, if I don’t deal with this now, it’ll just go away by itself.”


It doesn’t happen. OK?  We have to participate and actually get into action to allow the changes to occur.


So we have really raised that fire up.


Can, are you feeling hotter?


I know those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, you’ve been experiencing a very cold spring, maybe wondering if it’s ever going to get warm.


Well, as you burn your Fire, perhaps it will happen more quickly. Would you agree?


OK, so.


Now, once we get really that raging Fire going, let’s temper it a little bit.  Which one of the elements will temper Fire?


Any ideas?  Well, the Water element is going to cool things down.  And I always feel that the Water element is all about that balance, that calm.


We’ve gotten things agitated through the Fire, but this is going to bring that calm, and that that balance, that in everything into balance.


So, the nurturing.  I have a sphere of Aquamarine, very special sphere. That sphere, excuse me, that I have had for golly, almost 20 years, that I dearly love.  And I just love to hold it. 

And the essential oils that anchor the frequencies of the Water element in Rainbow Healing are Northern Lights Black Spruce, the Grand Fir, and the Blue Spruce, and Sacred Frankincense.


So today – today I have selected Sacred Frank – Excuse me. I’ve got the hiccups now.


Sacred Frankincense to apply while we’re, while I’m talking.


And Sacred Frankincense has the, anchors the frequency of Acceptance, Acceptance of who you are, Acceptance of who others are.  And allowing yourself and others, your journeys. Hematite anchor is the crystal which is we many times think of it as a metal.  It’s kind of a combination of metal and crystal.  But Hematite.  And my ring today is a Hematite ring, because it is so important for us to accept that nothing ever stays the same.


There is always change. So.


As we move through making our choices, every choice we make will bring us to a new choice.


So, that part is exciting.


It is difficult and exciting.


We can choose which way we view this.  I posted a quote earlier this week that always makes me smile.


A quote from Mary Lou Retton, which some of you may remember, that she was an amazing gymnast, who always had a smile on her face and she said, “Optimism is a happiness magnet.  A happiness magnet.”


So as we are more and more optimistic, and accepting about what is, what can be, what has been.


Then our ability to draw in happy, happy frequencies is going to increase amazingly, and when we add belief to that – Ahhh!


I’m going to take another Believe shower because to me, belief is where it begins.


Belief is where it ends.


We have just had, here in Bali, yesterday was Fuller Life Bali’s 7th birthday, and such a happy occasion for the staff who, many of whom have been here the entire seven years, participating in over almost 15 thousand gratis sessions for the local people.  And it is very, very moving for me to see the happy faces, the love and the pure commitment to what they’re doing.  So!


Let us see.


I was going to go through a lot of other things.


However, instead of doing that since I’m looking at the time, I’m going to save that for next week and the week following.


And again, I’m going to tell you that I have some new toys to play with, and I can’t wait to play with them on camera.


So, I look forward to seeing each of you.  I challenge you to really, really pay attention to your balance, and let me know if it seems to be helpful to you to think in terms of the elements, beginning with that grounding with the Earth, adding the Fire in there, raising it even higher, magnifying it with the Air, and tempering it with the water.


So have a beautiful, beautiful week filled with happy, happy rainbows, and I’ll look forward to seeing you next week.