26 February 2023 Let’s Get Inspired Together


Hello and happy, Happy Day or evening, whenever you happen to be watching this. Happy fun day!


So. what else did you select to use today, while we’re talking while we’re chatting? Well, I decided to choose. The first one I actually selected because of its name, and because I love it.


I had selected the title for today from looking through old my memories.


It was a memory from 7 or 8 years ago of a little dachshund sitting on the beach, looking out at the water and it reminded me so much of my little dachshunds that I had,  the little miniature dachshunds that I had way back in in the 80s, and they just loved going to the beach.


But this little dachshund made me think he was sitting there all alone, and I thought to myself.


Wow, he’s being inspired by the water, which is inspiring to many of us.


However, it also, it really struck me, that he was alone, so we’ll talk more about that in a minute.


What oils did you choose?


As I said, I chose Inspiration. I actually, mentally, decided to use Inspiration first and that was one of Gary Young’s first blends that he ever blended.


You know he had several that were in that first group, and it’s an absolutely beautiful blend.


If you haven’t tried it, you might choose to do that, especially for those times when you may have felt down.


And then I reached into my magic oil bag, which I gathered all those oils from my desk and in my house, and what should I pull out?


I pulled out Inner Child.  Boy, that really set the stage for what I might talk about today, so I’m going to apply Inner Child.  Which oils did any of you choose?


I, you know, you may not be using oils along with me. I use oils all the time whether you’re here or not.


So.  At any rate.  What made me think playful now? I had planned to play a bowl today and I thought, well, the Rainbow Bowl would be the perfect bowl.  Let me find the striker.  The striker? 


It’s right here. Here it is. Sorry. Sorry. Playfully hiding away from me.  At any rate, but when I tested with my bowls, I muscle test which one to play, and it was the ocean Gold Bowl which is the C sharp tone, but it also is the playful energy of dolphins, of Water element.


So, I’m going to play that and just use whatever, whatever oil you have and breathe in the oil and these frequencies.


I shall carefully put the dolphins beside me on the sofa so that I won’t knock them over and once again, happy, happy Sunday.


It is after 11:00 o’clock and I’m so happy to see so many of you.


What struck me about that, that little dachshund sitting on the beach, looking at the water? It was so much about the fact that he was alone, and that inspired me to think about the fact that we have all been so separated for so long.


And many of us, those of us who are the great achievers, how many of you have felt that because we -everything in the whole planet – slowed down for those three plus years, that we have to work harder and harder and push and push to get back, to make up for that lost time?


Well, I lapsed back into that quite a bit.  Even though I’m in peaceful, serene Bali, it’s very easy now that things are moving forward again, to lapse back into that, have to make up time for time lost time. Well.


It doesn’t work that way.


So one of the things that I, the next oil that I pulled out, was Present Time.


You know, it’s really uncanny how we will select whether we are mentally thinking about it, or whether we are just allowing the flow.


To select what we really need most and the idea of being in Present Time.  Now this Inner Child and Present Time are both parts of the Feelings Collection, those six oils that Gary Young put in our Feelings Collection to really support us in balancing our emotions, in addressing our fears, and in really allowing them to come through.  So, how many of you have tried Present Time?


It’s one of the really expensive blends, so many of us don’t use it too often.  And yet, for me, because so much of my life was spent living in the past and planning for the future that I really missed the present moments, the gifts that are here in every single moment.


So as I came down to select the cards that I would be talking about today, I do that every week, I select my own cards first thing in the morning, and then I often go back and select them again several times.


Every one of you can do that on your app, even if you don’t have the physical cards.


If you have the physical cards. I’m a touchy feely person and so I do both.


And that’s OK. I select my cards numbers of times a day, but the first card when I looked at my,  and you can do this on your app, when I looked at my Archetypes and selected that one, what should come up?


The Shaman! And what is the Shaman all about?


The Shaman is, I call it, the wild magic child.


That child-like innocence.


Not the achiever.


It’s kind of irresponsible in many ways, but playful.


The Shaman just loves to be out in nature, looking at the talking to the animals and the trees and the insects, the butterflies.


So, the minute I selected that, I started thinking of what do I want around me today?


What do I want around me?


I gather things around me for Facebook live.


Do any of you do that?


I gather things around me for what’s going to be on my desk, and I don’t have a real desk here in the villas.


However, the first thing I picked up today, I have this beautiful butterfly, this iridescent crystal butterfly, and to me, that is so playful.  It is happy.  It is carefree, even though the butterfly has gone through that complete metamorphosis from being the Caterpillar, crawling on the ground, going into the cocoon where we have been for three years.


Would you agree?


Every single cell in the butterfly’s physical being has been changed. Every bit of the DNA has been  changed.


We probably, if we actually could test everything ourselves, we would realize how different we are from the people, the person that we were before the planet closed down, before these three plus years.


So this is one of those things of reflection.


But not getting caught up in that reflection.


So, what other things did I gather around myself that I have today?


I gathered some of my favorite crystals.


I have the crystals for the Aquamarine here, and the Aventurine, which are very meaningful for me.


And every time I hold them not only do I feel their frequencies, but I feel the memories, the things that I was feeling as I purchased them and any time that I received them, this was actually a gift, but anytime that I receive something, I remember those feelings that I had at that particular point.  Are you that?


Then I have one of my favorites.


In fact, I have two of them. I have two fluorite crystal wands. This one that I’ve had for, golly since 2003.


I believe maybe even before that! And this one, which I’ve had for about 3 years, a little over three years, that was part of the Northern Lights Promotional thing that the that Southeast Asia had which, these are beautiful and they are very meaningful to me, so every time I hold them, they really, really feel good, so.


Back to what we’re talking about, OK, how we’ve been separated.


And we lose our inspiration when we don’t have the opportunity to interact with others.


We have to be self-motivated, which makes it more difficult.


That’s why I have my toys around me.


I have a tuning fork.


I leave the tuning fork, this one – “ohm”,  “mid ohm,” – that sits here with me, and I just use it all the time. I play. I sit while I’m doing any work, and I play with it.


Gather your toys!


That’s going to really assist you in becoming more inspired.  As we bring together, allowing our inner children to come out and interact with others, mmmm, then this is going to be one of those special, special periods.  This is not necessarily a time where we should focus on achieve achieve achieve – setting more goals, more goals, more goals, because we have to wake up, make up for those lost years.


We can’t make up for anything, so let’s sit where we are and enjoy the most of this present moment.


How can we do that?  Well…


The other cards that I selected today, if it’s as if, you know they always turn out to be something that really gives me a special little message, they’re not the fortune telling cards, but just focus.  I selected collaboration.


Collaboration.  It’s all about understanding that we’re not here alone.


We are all here on the planet at this time for a particular reason, and when we collaborate with each other, working together in harmony, letting go of all that competition.  I was, I was a competitive swimmer. I used to be a real competitor.  But understanding that that’s not where the real joy is.


The real joy comes perhaps from being able to work together, interacting with others, what we have been deprived of so much in these last 3 1/2 years.  So I also pulled out Release, which is another one of the blends of the feelings collection here. He really knew what he was doing. Didn’t he?


So letting go of those old patterns. It’s so easy to revert back into those old patterns when we’re not paying attention.


And to focus upon that Harmony, which is another one of those blends.


Truly, truly, if you don’t already have that, the set the full set of the feelings collection, you might consider getting one blend each month.


Just to, actually have them.  And for me, because I was such an achiever, a goal setter, an achiever, to go back to that Inner Child is very, very important for me, to be that I need that reminder.


Are any of you like that?


I just, I mean, I need reminders all around me reminder to play.


Because those of us who are great achievers and workaholics don’t like to play.  Play.  I consider it a waste of time.


Well, it is not a waste of time, and if nothing else, that I learned in the last 3 1/2 years is that play is so important and it helps to nurture ourselves.  And that was the single card that I drew today.


Do you see how these all fall together?


I did not pick them out.


They actually, truly, are the ones that came up on my app when I press the little, the app, to select the cards.


So it’s all about nurturing yourself.  Nurturing yourself, and finding that perfect balance of giving and receiving.


Most of us were taught it’s better to give than receive, and we forget to take care of ourselves.


So this is a huge reminder to me.


And if that was not enough to collect collaboration, the nurturing of self and others, and the Shaman, when I did my physical cards –

I like to also check on the elements and you can’t actually get the elements by themselves on your phone.


You can muscle test. OK? “Is there one of the elements that would be really helpful for me today?”


Have the four, actually there five elements, but the air, no –  earth, no  – fire, no.


Well, guess what the Water looks like?  Water element is also that Compassion glyph and the Acceptance, and, I had to laugh when I thought about that little dachshund sitting on the beach, looking out at the water, I mean all of this just was telling me, “Frances! Talk, talk, talk about Nurturing.  Nurturing. getting into the flow.”


When I think of water, water is never stopped.


It’s never stops.


It’s always flowing along.


And that to me is a key, key, key word: Flow


Now, how many of us choose to attempt to change, but whatever is happening, to buck the flow, so to speak, to press up against it like, as I’ve talked about in the last few weeks, that riptide.  Fighting against the tide, whereas if we will just allow ourselves to take a deep breath, step back, enjoy the moment and that playfulness that can come in that moment.


Every single moment carries with it something special, something special for you.


We simply have to be present.


Where is that Present Time? Present.  And pay attention.

So as you go through this week, let’s all plan.


If you are, or choose to plan, let’s plan together to find that joy and that harmony, and get into the flow.  As we all learn to collaborate with one another.  Collaborate in Harmony and Joy.  It’s going to allow us to achieve far more than any one of us could do alone.


So as you do, remember these, these are the three words that stuck in my mind.


By the way, these are my notes for the day.


You know, I put them on the bottom of the few words I had for last week because I didn’t think I was going to have enough things that I wanted to write, and then I started writing, and the first word that came to me was “relax.”


Stop being so stressed.


I’m talking to me, by the way. The little Frances, here.


Stop trying to plan everything.


Stop trying to get everything to work together.


Just relax.


The flow.


Think of that water just flowing along that beautiful turquoise frequency.


Think of the dolphins playing in the ocean.


They don’t swim furiously, working hard.


It’s effortless as they flow along.


So as you go through this week, think of that water.


Take a deep breath.


Think of your inner child, nurturing your inner child. Allow that inner child to play and I’ll look forward to seeing you next Sunday.