Good morning, good morning.


Happy Sunday.


It’s a bright, beautiful, sunny Sunday here in Bali and I am excited to be here.


And, of course, we as usual will wait a few minutes.


I get on early because I’m early in everything that I do normally.  So, I am excited to get started and make sure that I’m not late for anyone.


But what oils did you choose this morning?


And I see someone is already on. Thank you. Thank you, Michelle, for being here.


I chose my oil this morning in a different kind of way.


First of all, I decided. I just, while I was swimming, I just had this feeling it’s important for me to diffuse Joy this morning.  So, Joy may be some of your favorite oils.


It’s not one of my favorite blends, and it took me years to understand that it was because I was not allowing joy into my life.  So, I am diffusing that all in over my entire house right now, and I’m breathing it in.


But as I decided to choose my oil of focus this morning, I thought, how many of you have open bottles everywhere in your house? That no matter what surface you’re looking at, there are some more oils, or pouches or trays or whatever?


So, when I was in having to move back here to Fuller Life Villas, I gathered up all the oils that were sitting out in my desk, on display trays, whatever, and I put them in a bag.  And I decided this morning, some of these bottles are open, many of them are open, but that I would select one from there.


And to my surprise, the one that I pulled out first was one that I had not even thought about in a long time, Gary’s Light, and I thought how perfect for Sunday morning.


Gary’s Light.


So I’m going to apply that, and I would just, would request that each one of you, whatever oil or oils you have chosen for this morning, to just apply them liberally.


And breathe them in, intending that those little molecules go wherever they are required in your body to bring about total harmony and perfect balance.


Many of you know that that is always, always in the top three in my Refinement List – Harmony and Balance.


So, I also had a totally different idea of what I might be talking about today.


I see it is now 11:00 o’clock, so I will start.  And I have muscle tested. How many of you muscle test everything that you do?


I muscle test everything. You know, my little fingers are busy.  Because it takes my brain out of things and puts it into my heart and into what is really, really important for me.


So, the bowl that I tested to play this morning, is the Grandfather Bowl, and this is a very beautiful crystal bowl that is the C tone, and it also is all about grounding. Grounding to the Earth being having that solid foundation.


So, breathe in your oil and just listen to these frequencies.


These give me such a solid foundation! I’m going to carefully put Grandfather over here on the sofa beside me, and oh, I hit him again because I wasn’t watching.


So again, welcome, welcome.


Happy, happy time or day you are watching.


This last week I was thinking about the fact that we have been, for three years, almost, we were in a cocoon where everything was slowed down.


How many of you felt like you just got into this slower way of being, and all of a sudden, everything is moving forward?


It’s like we’re holding on to the pole in the middle of the vortex, attempting to just hang on.


Do any of you feel that way?


Well, I truly do.


And that’s why I understand, now, when I was looking through my former posters, just idly doing this, but that one jumped out at me.  Because that is the way I have been feeling, like rush, rush, rush.  Everything is moving so fast now.


So, what to do?


Well, the first thing is always, always, always breathe.


And what is the best thing about breathing that we have?


We have all the essential oils.


So whatever oil you choose.


This is what I have taught for years, and I will continue to teach.  That is, hold that little bottle in your hand. Just hold it so that it’s feeling your frequencies and your feeling, its frequencies and intend that whatever frequencies you require at this particular moment, be available in those in those little molecules in that bottle.  And that as you apply them and breathe them in, that they go wherever they are required, throughout every portion of your being, to bring about harmony and balance.  So.


The one that I picked up just then was a different oil. But. I thought that I would be talking, in order to gain that balance, about all of the elements today.  And then when I muscle tested to play Grandfather and got to thinking even more, it seems that we probably, unless I talk on and on and on, we’ll only get through one of the elements.


So, I’m going to use the Earth element which is that grounding.  Now in our Rainbow Healing Cards and you have these on your app, we have 4 elements.  The fifth element being whatever is not in it, being the ether, whatever is not included in the four elements.


So, as we’re moving through this, I’m going to talk a little bit about what the Earth element means to me.  Now, as you can see, there are the three glyphs. This is the first glyph which we talked about last week on the video.  You might go back and review that, because that is the key, before doing anything else, to get rid of the blocks.  We all have blocks at all levels, and this is the frequency that will clear those blocks and it also includes the Authenticity.


If you remember, Geranium is the frequency that anchors that first glyph.  That will clear your blocks at all levels, and Cedarwood is the frequency holds that energy that will assist you in understanding and identifying who you truly are.  Not who we’ve been told that we are, but who you truly were created to be.


And the 9th glyph anchored by the Ylang Ylang essential oil, that that pale pink energy of everything working together.  Everything working together in that, my favorite word, harmony. It’s one of my favorite words.


So, what do these do when we start putting all three of these frequencies together?


Well, each one of them does have its own energy and its own specific little jobs, if you will.  However, together they can assist us in really paying attention to what is going on, seeing a larger picture.


Now back to this idea of everything moving so rapidly that we really and truly are just kind of hanging on for dear life, attempting to make sure that we do everything well.


Is that really required?


Who told us that we have to accomplish everything? Now, this is Frances talking.


Frances is the great accomplisher, and when put under stress, quite naturally, I go back. I revert back to that way of having to accomplish everything. Complete. Complete, complete.


Completion is another word that I’ve lived with my entire life, and I don’t like loose ends.


I like things to be neat, tied up in neat packages and all the loose ends instead of sticking out harsh, loose, loose ends, everything being smooth.


The quickest way to get everything calm and smooth is to ground.


So, as we use our oils and breathe.  Breathing. We only think we breathe most of the time, because we forget to take those deep breaths.  To allow that oxygen to, to permeate every portion of our being.


And as we are intending, we are layering our intents, we’re layering our frequencies. Which is like enhancing and totally amplifying each frequency by layering more.  Just as we do when we layer the essential oils. 


So, I talked a few weeks back about how that, are we struggling or are we actually flowing? Are we fighting against the tide or are we flowing with it? And is that flow the direction we truly choose to go?


Now, that’s one of the things that when we get busy, we forget.  It’s kind of like all of these things bombarding us at once, isn’t it?


So, as we are moving through these busy, busy periods, if we just can take stand back just a little bit and intend to have that harmony and balance.  To just pull back to see the larger picture.


I’m going to read. Every one of you has access to our free app, so you can download the app and get everything you need. It’s in our books. It’s in everything. The Checking In.


I’m happening to use right now, the Checking In that’s in the My Journal just because I can show you and it’s easy for me to pick up and read.


There are a lot of steps, and it may seem like, you know, that’s too many steps to do.


How many of you feel that way sometimes?


Occasionally you really don’t, you can zip through all of them, but the reality is that when we are stressed in any way, when we are stressed, we are not grounded and it’s time to Check In.  OK?


So what’s the first thing on Checking In?


Is your Sacred Space intact? Are you really connected with the Source and grounded to the Earth?


That’s what I was talking about with the Earth element.


Each step is going to be a layering process.


Now, I love to have steps to go through. That’s something that is very, it just goes in with my brain, and when I have a pattern, little steps, it’s like my checklist.


How many of you like to have a list?


I saw a post on Facebook this past week where someone asked, you know, do you like to make lists?


And I thought, oh, this is someone that I really can identify with, because I make lists.


Where do I make my list mostly?


Well, if I write them on a piece of paper, they’re not with me all the time.


So, I write notes, and I checked this morning. I’m kind of embarrassed. I probably shouldn’t tell you, but I have 4973 notes on my phone!


Why do I do that?


Well, I do that because I always have my phone with me, and I can check my list. I can check anything I choose to check, by putting them there, so this relieves me of the stress of keeping it all up in my brain. The more we are up here in the brain, the less we are here in the heart.  Does that make sense?


So, getting out of the brain and into the heart is where we are really going to be grounded, connected with the Source, able to hear our messages, clearly.


When we are up here, all of these thoughts are just whirling around at all times.


I remember one time, Doctor Oli Wenker said that that the brain has more connections, more things going on, than the electrical power to power all of Houston, TX where he lived, and they’re all going on at one time.


So, to get rid of that confusion, we get out of here making sure that we are connected with the Source all the way down, but truly connected through our heart. Listening with our heart.  The minute we take a breath and start listening with our heart, then everything becomes much more manageable, much more peaceful, calmer.


So, as you are going through this week, I suggest to each of you, Check in your list. Check on your app and go to that Checking In thing and look.


The first thing is, as I said, “Is my Sacred Space intact?”


And if you’ve been following me, you know what the Sacred Space looks like. This is my visual of the Sacred Space, where we push all that extraneous stuff outside, and have harmony and peace inside. That one thing is going to allow you to get rid of the external layer, the biggest layer of stress in your life.


Now the next thing is, “Am I clear?”


So often we think we’re clear because we don’t take time to check.  So that’s an easy one.


Now, if you’re hesitant about checking, about doing some kind of kinesiology, and I’ve got videos on my apps, you know, I talk about it.  We can do another Facebook live, if that’s what anyone is interested in.


But the point is that just to check “Am I clear?” you can only get a yes or a no.


And if you’re you put your thumb and your middle finger together, not the index finger, the middle finger. These are different charges.  We are electrical beings, and we have different charges on different fingers, and just interlock lock them and just pull, a gentle not a long tug.


But just a gentle, a quick thing, and “Show me my yes” and it should be strong, and “Show me my no” – I cannot hold my fingers together now.


Is this something that you will master? I hate that word, but something that you will master the first time you try. Absolutely not, because you’re going to be thinking up here, OK? Now the key is getting out of the brain, into the heart, listening to the heart, listening to your messages from the Source through the heart.


So, “Am I clear?”


Well, thankfully I am.


But then it’s important to ask, “Is there any reason to doubt that answer now?”


I’m grateful. That means that I am clear in what I’m saying, what I’m testing many times.


What happens if it says, no, that you’re not clear?


We go back to step number one, step #1 being “breathe in an essential oil, if you will” maybe “intend that your breath will clear the blocks if you choose to use some geranium” and to visualize the first glyph, to get rid of blocks.  Intending to clear the blocks and then check again.  Ok?


It is quite possible that you will be clear just from breathing and changing, shifting that focus just a teeny, little bit.  And that’s what it’s all about.


So that’s, those first step, it’s actually 3, because we’re first checking to see if we’re grounded, if our Sacred Space is intact, and then checking to see if we clear.


And then rechecking. Am I clear? Because it can change in the flash of a heartbeat.


So, there are other steps, and you can read about it on your app, and we’ll go through it again.


I’m actually, I’ve actually added a few more steps to my own clearing, and I’m finding that the more that I do this, the happier I am. The less stressed I am and the more I look forward to enjoying, having joy in every single moment.


You can look upon this, this was the next oil that I pulled out of the bag this morning, Inner Child.


The more you can play and make your life happy and irresponsible, if you will, carefree probably is a nicer word.  Just enjoy looking through everything through the eyes of a child.


Children see things in great innocence.


They don’t attach the same long list of things to it, of challenges and issues.


They just look with wonder and excitement.


So, as you go through this week, I challenge each of you to just stop.  Take a breath. Check In and see if your Sacred Space is intact, if you’re connected with the Source.  See if there are any blocks, if you’re clear.  And just have a wonderful time visualizing life, everything through the eyes of a child.

And I’ll see you next Sunday.