Young Living said… “It has been said that diamonds are made under pressure. Becoming a Young Living Diamond leader isn’t a simple journey, and our Diamonds reach their level of success by facing unique leadership challenges time and again, proving their rare ability to become greater than they were before—greater leaders, greater educators, greater philanthropists, and greater examples to their teams.” 

It is true that the journey is never easy and each one of us has our own unique path to walk – but we can walk it authentically, with clear direction in mind – and we can do it better when there are people walking alongside us! 

This is why we have created this app in the first place – to 


Join our vibrant community, ask questions, and connect with others sharing similar values and outlooks on life.

It has never been that easy! Frances is actively supporting you and your team with this smartly designed app that is not only your channel to a wider community but a rich, resourceful space, full of things one needs to grow with.

How do we know? 

Because a Royal Crown Diamond is behind it all!

Share this App with your team – support your downlines with resources they need to be able to scale their business. Remember, by lifting others up, we all rise!

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