Well, I’m excited because 10:57 has arrived and it’s almost time for our Facebook live, so I’m still, I’ve been applying oils quite a bit this morning and as usual have many, many, many oils around me.  They’re always around me an on my desk.  My former desk is a real desk that’s like 1 meter, almost 1 meter deep, and two meters long.


However, this one is only a few centimeters deep, so this one I am very likely to knock something off of it.


But anyway, I welcome you.


I’m so excited to see some people already online and I’m really, really, happy to be here.


Truly, after so many, you know, after years of doing Facebook live, most of you don’t realize that it was something that it was I like was so fearful of doing that, it really took a lot for me to get myself geared up for it.


And now, it’s like I really am looking forward to visiting with each one of you each Sunday morning or Saturday night or whenever you happen to be watching so.


What oils did you choose to apply?


While we’re just waiting around for the top of the hour to come, as I said, I have many, many oils around me and the one that I chose to use first is Inspiration, because that is my choice of what I’m going to do in the next 20 minutes, 25 minutes, however long we are on here, on the time that we are together on this video.


So, I’m going to apply yet another amount of Inspiration.


Whatever oil you chose to have around you, on you, please apply.


Breathe it in and just enjoy the feeling of those little molecules traveling through every portion of your being.


I also I well, I have a lot of oils, but I also am choosing to use Joy, because what we’re going to talk about is all about putting joy, joy, joy, more joy into our lives.


You know, we’re not put here, I don’t believe that we’re put here to be miserable.


We make ourselves miserable sometimes, don’t we?


However, I do not believe that that is really our reason for being on this planet, at this time. So, I am constantly reminding myself, and that’s what this is all about.


Reminding ourselves of why we are here, who we are, and what gives us joy.


OK, so I see the hour has turned over to 11:00 o’clock.


I’m going to strike. I have my special Tibetan Bowl, and I’m just going to strike it since I’ve babbled on for these minutes.


But, just to breathe in the frequencies of this bowl.


It doesn’t make me as nervous to strike the, to have the Tibetan bowls around me because they don’t break.  I welcome you all, whoever you are, whenever you’re watching. Thank you very much for joining us.


Today it is all about passion.  When I draw my Rainbow Healing oils each morning, or my Rainbow Healing Cards, I draw them with the focus of what is important for me for this moment.


And, in this moment, I selected the Crusader card, which is all about passion. And I had to smile, because that’s what I had thought about. The thinking about what truly gives you passion, what makes you happy.


Most of us have done things all our lives because we were supposed to do them.


Does this strike a chord in any of you?


We have things that we have a path that we were supposed to do.


We have to do things this way, and we naturally progress to the next level.  How many of the things that we actually spend our time doing, truly give us joy?


Well, that’s why I’m using Joy today.


I see that some of you have chosen to use things.


I saw Aroma Life, which is that heart thing, that is all about the heart, and One Heart blend.


What a great combination to apply, this being right before Valentine’s Day.  Though, when we are all in February thinking about the heart, different aspects of the heart come out.  And today, I have on. I thought we would talk about the first thing.  Which, the first glyph.


There are actually the 10 glyphs of the Rainbow Healing System.


We’re not going to go through the whole journey of the glyphs today because I talked too much.


Frances talks too much, surprise, surprise!  However, we are going to go through the basic foundation with perhaps a slightly different perspective.


Now the first glyph is all about clearing blocks.


Now, why is that so important?


Well, first of all, what essential oil anchors this frequency?


You know, we’re all about frequency, we’re energy beings.  Our physical form is just the densest, the slowest moving energy, in the whole energy being that we are.


So it’s all about paying attention to the different levels, because we have it outside of our physical form, we have next to it that emotional body, that emotional.


So, the emotions and the physical are so connected.


And then, there are other levels in our energy being that are farther out, and every one of them affects who we are because every one of them is who we are, and every one of these levels, all of our energy, is interacting with everyone around us, everything around us, at all times.


So, as I like to think of the physical and the emotional because they’re the ones that are right in front of us at all times.


The symptoms in our body, our body, our physical symptoms, our body is attempting to get our attention, and so often, instead of paying attention, we attempt to cover up the symptoms.


Does that sound familiar?


I know we all do that if we’re really honest.


So, in that, the emotions, when we have or get emotional, it is interacting, because there is an emotional component with every physical thing going on in our body.  So.


Let’s look at it from those standpoints. There are crystals that anchor these frequencies as well. Everything’s about frequency.


You know, when we have a middle frequency, which is everything above it is well and happy and joyful.


Everything below it is not.


It’s dragging us down, and it’s about surrounding ourselves with the things that are higher frequencies. So, the frequency of Joy essential oil blend and, who knows what the major component of joy blend is?


And it’s actually the major component in almost all of Gary Young’s emotional blends. The feelings collection, all of the blends that are with that, that his intent was to focus on emotions.


Geranium is a primary part.  Well, Geranium anchors the frequency of this, this glyph and the name of it, is Forgiveness.


Does Forgiveness trigger you?


It’s a trigger word for a lot of us.


And it’s really not about forgiving others.


It’s about forgiving ourselves.


Every interaction with anyone, we had a part of.  And whether we did something that we would choose to take back or whether we did not do something that we wish we had.


It’s all about forgiving ourselves, and so Geranium.  Every time we apply Geranium essential oil.


If we think about that.  Or, I love to take Geranium and I happen to have a Rhodochrosite, that’s the crystal that can anchor can hold this.


For this particular frequency, this bandwidth of frequencies, I love to hold it and rub it with its beautiful frequencies of Geranium essential oil, and I chose this blouse, this top today to wear.   I muscle test what I’m going to wear each day, and I chose this top, and I didn’t know exactly what I was going to talk about.   And I thought this is my Rhodochrosite top! So, it doesn’t photograph that well, but it reminds me every time I look, I’m looking at the camera right now on the video, and if I pass a mirror, I think, “These frequencies are all around me.”


This reminds me, I also have on a Rhodochrosite tumblestone and the earrings.


So, it’s all about surrounding myself with this frequency that’s going to unlock, unblock, the blocks and get rid of the blocks.


We all have blocks and whether they’re at the physical level which cause physical symptoms, whether they’re at the emotional level which give us emotions that are blocked. Little challenging issues in the emotional sector.  Or whether they’re farther out in our field, we’re constantly changing energy never is  static.


Sorry, energy is always kinetic, so it is never static.


It’s never still, it’s always moving.


It’s so, it’s never going to stop it.


We always have change.  So that is a good thing.  When we are in a period where things are not going together very well, where we feel like we’re just, you know, nothing is working right.


It’s really a down period, a challenging time for us.


Great news is, we can apply some oils, breathe them in, wear some colors, pay attention.  Paying attention to getting what is dragging us down.  Why are we having these symptoms?


So that’s what this is all about.


How can we be passionate when we are hurting physically, when we are hurting emotionally?  It’s going to drag us down.


And if we don’t understand what’s going on, why we’re feeling, why aren’t we feeling happiness and joy?  Well. Those are two words that that were not really synonymous with who I was because I was an achiever.  And many of you who followed me know that I’ve talked about this before.


You know, I was a great goal setter and goals are just all about us setting a path and accomplish the goal.


However, I now look at it that all of those goals that I set were not really my goals.


They weren’t my passion because I didn’t know what my true strengths were. I didn’t know what gave me joy.


So that’s, this is, all about getting rid of those blocks that prevent us from really paying attention.


How often do we do things to distract ourselves, so we don’t have to really pay attention to the underlying things?


Well, my goal, the goal of Rainbow Healing, which is my journey. It may be yours.


It may not be.  However, if you’re here, I hope that you will – some little tidbits, some little morsel, some little bit of information will trigger something in you to assist you in finding your passion.


So.  I talk about what I have done and my goal is, my whole feeling is, that there are only two beings that know really why you are here.


You, every one of us, was created with an absolutely magnificent package of knowledge and abilities to do something special.


There is not a person of being on this planet at this time who does not have a special combination of knowledge and abilities to do something special.


We’re not here randomly.


We’re here to do something special.


We’re here to have fun.  To be passionate about what we do.


So it’s all about, how do we get there from here?


And my feeling is, you and the Source, your Creator, whatever your concept is, whatever your name you give to your Creator, to make that connection, because you and your Creator know exactly why you are here.


You and your Creator know exactly what your true knowledge and abilities are.


You know what your skills.


You know what really gives you joy.


So, we just need to make that connection.


Anyone else who’s looking in and telling you what you should be doing, or could be doing, or what you’re, what would bring you joy, really doesn’t see the full picture.


It’s only you and your Creator.


So that’s why we must make our connection and maintain that connection with the Source.


So, this is my visual.


I’m a touchy-feely visual person.


This is my visual.


This is rather large (I have to find where to put it) of my Sacred Space where I have that connection.


I’m inside and I’ve got that connection with the Source.


I’ve got my, that connection that goes all the way through me, down through the very core of my being, connecting me with the Earth, and connecting me with.


The Source is everywhere.  With the Source down here, so I’m fully connected, and then to put that, a cylinder. I visualize the cylinder that goes all the way up to the Source, down through the very core of Earth into the Source below, with then, pushing all of the chaos and distractions outside so that I can hear clearly my information.  My messages from the Source.  Source is always giving us messages.


It may not be in eloquent sentences.  It may just be an idea, a thought, a random thought, something.


Suddenly that’s what happens.


That’s how I decide what I’m going to talk about this week. Usually, I’m swimming, or I’m waking up and all of a sudden, I will have a random thought, and that’s what I end up talking about.


It’s merely making that connection, and stopping and breathing, and paying attention, with all that extra stuff outside.


Now.  These boundaries I’m going to talk about for just a second. Let’s see. No, I’ve talked for too long. We’ll talk about the sacred space and the boundaries of another.


Because how do we find out, what is a great way of finding out what we really do enjoy?


How many of you enjoy everything you do every day?


You don’t have to raise your hand.


It’s all about understanding what our true knowledge and gifts are, because when we are doing, when we are doing and being the person, the being that we were created to be, rather than the being that we were programmed, or told, we needed to be.


Needed.  I used that word on purpose.


I also used the words “should be” because we all learned very early in life that we had certain skills and certain things, so we were directed, we would guide towards that path, which may or may not have truly been the path that we were designed for.  We can do a really, really good job when we are, you know, using our knowledge and abilities and really focusing.  When we’re using our true, when we are truly authentic, when we get rid of all of those distractions, all of those extraneous things, that’s one of my favorite words, those extraneous things that really are not part of who we are, where we become more and more powerful by the moment.


So. This is why, this to me, is one of the most important things we can do.


This is part of our MyJournal book, which has –  it’s great for reminders.


We’d love it if you want to use our MyJournal, but you can use a piece of paper.


You can use anything you choose.


The idea is to pay attention to.


This is a, I call it, the refinement list where we draw a line down the middle.


We put it on one side.


This is a can be a growing list. You never, ever, ever have to share this with anyone else.


If you are afraid that someone will see it, write it on your phone, then delete it. Write it on your computer, then delete it.


It’s more powerful if you write it in your own handwriting.


I know that many, many people are used to talk about writing things.  Writing things being so much more powerful because it’s putting your pure energy into writing.  But listing the things that you really like to do, listing the things that you really don’t particularly like to do.


And listing, you know, adding farther along, the things you think you’re good at.


Usually, they’re the same as the things that you, or similar to the things that you like to do, because when we are good at something, we often like to do.  Would you agree?


And then listing out, writing out the things that really you don’t like to do.


Then we get down to the real core of things.


This is all a prelude to really figuring out what do I choose to have in my life.


If I could have anything, anything, how would I design my life?


What would I do every moment?


What do I choose to have in my life?


And then the other side, what do I choose NOT to allow in my life?


There are so many things that we allow in our lives, and that we use our energy, our time, our focus on doing, that we really don’t choose to have in our lives.


Am I speaking to any of you?


You don’t have to say it or make a comment.


You don’t have to raise your hand, but just think about all of the things you do.  Is what you do every moment really making you happy?


Is it bringing you joy?


Is it? Are you passionate about everything that you do?  Well, this is a journey.


We don’t jump from everything being hard, difficult, challenging to everything, being perfect all at one time.


We probably.  We may never have everything perfect.  Although I feel that I live in paradise now, and you know, every day is a joy.


I wake up in the morning and I think, wow, I’m so excited to be alive.


You know, what’s going to be fun and happy that will happen today?


Now, fun is a word that was not part of my existence for most of my life, and everything I do now gives me joy.


And you know something?


When I was doing all of those things that I was accomplishing. I was accomplishing goals.


It was like when I reached the goal, I was happy for a moment, because I had done it.


I had achieved yet another thing.  And then it was like, I checked it off the list.


It’s done.


I don’t have to do that again.


So, it’s like over and over, that happened and nothing gave me joy. Well, what I’m doing right now, I started 25 years ago using Young Living essential oils.


And then I was passionate, and I began sharing. I began developing Rainbow Healing System in 1998.


And the more, the more I talk about Young Living and Rainbow Healing, the more excited I become.


Every time I talk to anybody, every time I do something, I am more and more passionate.  Which shocks me to no end, because it, nothing ever was lasting before.


So, this has been the key for me! And then, to prioritise.


We’re going to talk about this a lot of times. In fact, a lot of what I say may be repetitive. It may not be repetitive. I don’t – I never know what will come out when I’m talking on the videos. 


However, it is all about, first we have to understand what we like to do and what we choose not to do.  And what we choose to have in our lives. What we choose not to have.  One, other than my number one thing is that I choose to have in my life, is my connection with the Source.  To constantly have my connection with the Creator so that I am listening.


That’s another one, that I’m listening. I’m paying attention to the messages that I’m getting.


I choose to have harmony.


The things that I choose not to have in my life are dishonesty, manipulation, drama. I don’t like drama, and there’s a long list.


I mean, I have a long list. I begin a new list every day and then I look back. It’s kind of like a game.


So, I challenge you this week, because I’ve talked on and on, much longer than I intended. I challenge you this week to just sit down every day. Determine that you will spend at least 5 minutes – just 5 minutes.  Longer if you can. Maybe 2 minutes is all you have. Doing something special for yourself.


Thinking about what you choose to have in your life. Thinking about what would make you happy, IF you had it in your life, and choosing about what you truly would like to eliminate from your life.


Just spend a little time.  Now.  Every morning, one of the things first things I do for me, for Frances, I have a hand-blown large goblet, oh it’s a big goblet, a beauty! Its hand blown here in Bali. Huge. You know, it holds all about 3, almost 3/4 of a liter of liquid, but I will pour at least two of my sachets, at least 120 milliliters of my Ningxia Red into that, and put water up to halfway full, and I sit over, looking out the window, and I sit applying oils and sipping on my Ningxia Red.


This is something that makes me happy every morning, and I do it when I first get up, every morning, because it makes me smile. It makes me happy. It brings passion and joy into my life.


So, as you go through this week, give yourself a few moments every single day, whether it’s morning, afternoon, evening, all three, whenever, that you can think about what does give you joy, and make a commitment to yourself.


So have a beautiful, beautiful week filled with positive energies, and beautiful rainbows of colors.

And I’ll see you next week.