What do you think of when you hear the words “Divine Union”?

We often tend to think of it as relationships that we form with others, looking for that perfect match to experience this vibration of Divine Union.

Now, imagine this – how would the Divine Union look like within yourself?

Divine Union is the 8th step of the Journey of the Glyphs in the Rainbow Healing System. As you go through the processes in your New Life Journey, Divine Union is the step where you reweave all the parts of yourself.

This Silvery Violet energy is so supportive for integrating all of our knowledge and abilities. And this is anchored by Jasmine essential oil, so as you apply this beautiful aroma of Jasmine, always INTEND to ALLOW these energies, these frequencies, to go wherever they need to go, to support you in reweaving yourself back together the way you were created to be.

I love to use Jasmine essential oil on my wrists at night. Do you know why? – Frances

Jasmine essential oil has such a lingering aroma, that as you turn over in the night, you will always smell this aroma and be reminded of integrating your true knowledge and abilities (even in sleep!).

When we are using our true knowledge and abilities in the way we were designed, we are powerful beyond belief!

Allow Jasmine essential oil to support you, to reweave you into who you are, you may find that everything unfolds in a much more amazing way than could ever happen if you were attempting to plan it.

This beautiful energy of Divine Union will encourage you to choose, to really NURTURE yourself, and ACCEPT who you are, and ALLOW yourself to become who you were created to be.