29 Jan 2023 – Degenerate or Regenerate – Which Do You Choose?


Good morning. Good morning. It is 10:57, so we’ll have three about 3 minutes of this interesting time, while people begin to get online. And I am excited to be back again, today.


It was one of those things that I could have chosen not to do.  And I’m proud of myself for choosing to do it. So. I’m so happy, happy, happy to be back and I will.


I learned something last week that, that is, that the crystal bowls are such beautiful yin energy and so soft, that I have to hold them up in front of, right in front of the camera in front of the microphone, because the microphone, didn’t pick up the sound. So grab  – I do have a different bowl today.


I have my beautiful Rainbow Crystal Platinum Bowl that I did not find out until September what its real name is.  It is the Big Boss Bowl.  So, it is a beautiful, a beautiful yin energy.


So grab whatever essential oils you have chosen to use today.


Breathe them in.


I’m going to first use the Release.


Well, no, I’m not.


I have already used all my oils.  Anyway, I’m going to use the Highest Potential, Gary’s favorite.


So I’m just going to put that, and breathe it in, and intend that, particularly in this time period that I will reach my Highest Potential.  So I’m going to pick up this beautiful, beautiful bowl and hold it in my hand carefully.


I’m still not used to this new setup here, where I’m sitting down instead of standing at my desk in my home.


So, this is still a learning experience for me.  But take a deep breath and just enjoy these beautiful, harmonious, harmonious energies.


Now we’ll put that on the sofa, safely beside me, once again.


Happy, happy, happy Sunday or whenever you are watching this.


I’m never really, really, sure what I’m going to talk about until right before I start talking, or while I am talking, however yesterday I began thinking about degeneration. And I thought I found a quote that I had done in 2020, January the 10th of 2020.


I found an old notebook.


Do you ever do that?


I write a little bit in the notebook, and then I have another notebook, and then another notebook.  And I have lots of things that I can talk about that, or things that have thoughts that have come, that I never really get out.


So, it’s all about which do you choose.  Degenerate?  Or Regenerate? 


OK. It is a choice. It is each of our choices.


Every one of us has a choice as to whether we will degenerate or regenerate.


So, this quote that I found, just hidden in a little notebook somewhere, was that Regeneration is Creation in the Present Moment.


Now, I still had not decided that’s what we would talk about today.


However, when I drew this card this morning that said, and I drew it yesterday morning too, by the way, the Breath of Life.  What is the Breath of Life?  The Breadth of Life is that choice to change.


That choice to do things differently.


And it’s not a comfortable choice. Even when we are not happy, or not feeling good about the place where we are, just the idea of change is scary.


Have any of you experienced that?


I know, my whole life, that has been a thing for me to hold on. I held on to all of the patterns of the past.  And there’s no way that we can continue to move forward when we’re holding on to the past.


We learn from the past, but our future is where we live.


I read something about that. It seems like I saw something, or thought it, or whatever, but think about that.  We have to change.  So.


Change again.


This is where, what is the essential oil that anchors this frequency? Well, it’s Orange or Tangerine or Mandarin Orange essential oil.


It is also the energy of the Golden Calcite or Yellow Calcite or Topaz crystals, gemstones.  So.


I’m going to use the Orange to remind me that change is going to be important.  To allow that change.


Are you willing?


Are you willing to let go of old beliefs?


Are you willing to let go of fears?


Are you willing to look forward, instead of backward?


We can’t change anything in the back, that’s in the past.


The only thing we can change is the future.  And how do we do that?


We do it by making the choice in this present moment.  So.  We also need to let go of expectations about what’s going to happen.  Because when we attach an expectation, we are limiting the possibilities.


Would you agree?


So, OK, this is that big, big choice.


Well, the next card that I drew, I drew two cards today.


And first time, muscle testing. You know my muscle testing, if you’re not familiar with that, you can check out some of my videos or Google kinesiology and practice it.


I muscle tested the two single oil, or single glyphs that were very important for me today.  So the other one that I got is the first glyph, the Forgiveness glyph.


But what this is all about is letting go of blocks, OK? And the crystal that, the essential oil that anchors this frequency is Geranium.


So I’ve used Geranium several times this morning.


That’s going to help get rid of the blocks, our resistance to change, is because we’re blocked at some level.  Now, you notice I have on a pendant, with Rhodochrosite.


I have on some earrings that the silversmith here, they just finished on Thursday afternoon, Friday afternoon. I got a message that he had finished making these and I have them on today.


The Rhodochrosite, the Geranium, to help clear the blocks.  When we have blocks at any level, we can prevent the regeneration from taking place.


Every cell in our body has the ability to regenerate.


And within the ten years, as I’ve said before, within the ten years, every cell is brand new.


The cells in the, like in the mouth and the eyes regenerate very, very quickly.


They just rapid turn over and in different parts of the body, everything regenerates at a different time, so why don’t we do that?


Well, we can have blocks at all levels, not just the physical level.


Yesterday I happened to be talking about the physical level.


How do we use the Young Living essential oils and supplements to help us?  To help us detoxify, to clear the physical blocks?  Well, my mind as I was actually talking, and we were so excited to have the Young Living Indonesia, some of the leaders who earned their trip to come here, and the corporate people here at Fuller Life Bali, and while I was talking, I was thinking there are three things, three ways we can detoxify our physical bodies.


OK, first of all, we can unblock. We can let the toxins out. We all have toxins in our body.


That’s what degeneration is. It’s when toxins build up and things wear out.


So it’s about letting out the things that are already there.


We can also, this is through our cleansing process, and of course we have many ways of cleansing with the essential oils and the Young Living supplements, and other methods, just by the things that we can do.  We can’t control the environment. We can control the environment of our homes.


We can’t control the environment externally.  So, there’s going to be a certain amount of degeneration, of toxins that build up inside the body.  And that’s where the oils are so wonderful for neutralizing these toxins.


So that’s one way we can do that.


And then, the third thing, we have to think about what we’re bringing into our body.  What are we putting on our body? What are we breathing into our body? What are we eating?


So we’ve got three things, three different ways of detoxifying, of supporting our body in Regenerating rather than Degenerating?


Does this excite anyone?


You can use one.


If you want to be a big cleanser and just cleanse, cleanse, cleanse all the time, that’s a great, a one choice.


Or you can work on neutralizing things, saying, oh, I don’t want to cleanse. I’m I, I just would rather neutralize things.


Again, the oils.


We can work on what we are putting into and on our bodies, what we are cleaning our homes with, what we’re doing all the time as far as bombarding our body with more toxins.


So we got three. If you choose to do all three, you probably will have a better chance of staying ahead of the curve does that.


Does that makes sense?


Well to me, at almost 80 years old, that makes a lot of sense. And I like that idea!


So, I choose to really focus, to set my priorities on all three.


You know, if one is good, two is better, and three is the best!  And to me that is a very, very important priority.


Is anybody with me?


I actually have a few notes that I jotted down here, so again, it’s all about being willing to change.  And we have blocks, as I said, all throughout the body.  Anywhere you have pain or illness or disease, there are blocks at the physical level.


And when we go back and think, oh, think all about, you know, the way we work, the way our body is, we’re actually energy beings.


And so we have different layers in our energy field and things that get down to the physical level have been in our energy field for a very long time.


They have to work their way down.


So what if we work on clearing blocks out here, further out in our in  – I can’t figure out where I can hold my hands to be in the camera now. This is so different from standing in my old office. – So at any rate, how can we work on those?


Well, we can work on the emotional aspect.


And guess what? That Geranium essential oil is one of the greatest things for releasing emotional blocks.


We also have a super blend that Gary made for us. So, I mean, he’s given us the tools, we’ve got them.  The Release blend.  And that one tool that you have, that no one else has for you, and that is your choice to release those blocks.  Your priorities.


So when we make that focus a priority.


Let’s clear it out here in the emotional field, or the mental field, before it gets down to the physical level, then we won’t have to suffer! And we can let our body continue to do its regeneration process.  With all my injuries – we all know that Frances is the is the Queen of Injuries and also maybe the Queen of Regenerating from those injuries, because doctors cannot believe that my bones at my age are growing. They grow again! Because people aren’t supposed to, their bones are supposed to stop growing when they get to be as old as I am.


Yet my body is regenerating now.


Why is that?


I have chosen to focus on releasing those things.  Those priorities.  So as we prioritize our regeneration process, isn’t this exciting? It’s possible for us to really regenerate and recover from all of those things that we’ve carried around, those, those traumas, those emotional traumas from way, way back, way, way back, long time ago, that we still hold on to now.


Why do we do that?


Is it just because we never prioritised letting them go, or is it that we don’t really believe we have that much power?


Well, we have an oil for that too.


I think I’ll have another Believe Shower.  Shall I?  I’ve had several today already, but.


We, it’s important for us to believe that we really do have this power.


And when we believe, when we combine passion and belief, there is no holding us back, OK?  I’m proof of that.


Yes, Frances has an old long standing, very long standing pattern, of hurting myself.


That’s because I felt that I was at odds, I was not friends with my body.


Are you friends with your body?


It, I felt that my body was there, I was supposed to work my body as hard as I could. I was, you know, the classic workaholic, never, never thinking about what I might be doing to my body, to my actual body.


So I was constantly beating up against it. OK. And when it didn’t work right, you know what I thought?


In fact, I still find myself when I’m under stress, reverting back to this.  “Why aren’t you working right? What do I need to do? I give you the best food. I give you the best oils and you’re not working, right?”


Could it possibly be that there is a block in my emotional center, a block in my mental thinking, that’s creating that that issue for me?


So as we begin to choose to release those blocks, whether you’re thinking about the beautiful pink color of the first glyph, letting go of those blocks, the Geranium essential oil, the Rhodochrosite crystal or the Release blend…


Let’s all intend. Intend to focus, to pay attention, to be aware that we do have those blocks at some level, and replace those blocks with harmony.


So as you go through this week, I challenge each of you to just sit back, pay attention. What do you choose to have in your life? What is your priority? Do you choose? Do you believe that you can do anything you truly set your mind to?


It’s all up here. It’s not out there somewhere. It’s all up here.


So.  Have a beautiful, beautiful week filled with lots and lots of rainbows and happy experiences, and I look forward to seeing you next Sunday.