Facilitating Tea Ceremony for yourself can be a great way of slowing down and appreciating the moment. 

Breathing in your morning oils as you sip the tea, observe the temperature, sensations and silence early in the morning – The tea ceremony can help to connect one with nature and the present moment by using natural ingredients and focusing on the process of making tea.

  You might want to consider Vanilla Lemongrass green Tea (especially as it is discounted this month in #YLSingapore!)

Tea ceremony is a mindful practice that encourages focus, appreciation and presence in the moment. It can help to reduce stress and anxiety by promoting relaxation and a sense of calm. 

It is a perfect opportunity to set intentions for the day and Check in, fulfil our Refinement List and start the day PRESENT 


Looking for a way to ‘season up’ your Tea moments? Try Bergamot Vitality!

Bergamot essential oil is primarily used in culinary to flavour Earl Grey tea and other tea blends. The oil is cold-pressed from the rind of the bergamot orange, a citrus fruit that is believed to have originated in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. The oil has a unique and refreshing citrus flavour that is well-suited to tea blends.