How are you holding well over into 2023? 

We all probably have a lot on our plates as last year (and the ones before) served us with so much… Life! It can feel exciting or overwhelming trying to deal with all of it, especially when it comes to staying dedicated to our goals and business.

Visualizing goals is one way to stay motivated and keep going, even when we would rather do something else – our goals provide a clear direction and purpose, help us to stay focused, stimulates creativity and innovation, improves problem-solving skills, and can play a part in effective planning and management!

But even the most passionate people sometimes get stuck in ‘creative block’ – it can be during content creation, team meetings or even choosing your monthly order!

When that happens, Awaken essential oil is a perfect bottle you can reach for. It is perfect when it comes to balancing energies and fueling creativity, releasing negative thoughts and just overall supporting us with feeling confident and aware.

The perfect oil to keep on the working desk!

Another great way to Awaken and Release is taking a portion of your precious time to move that stagnant energy. Practise Rainbow Healing Moving Exercise (QI Gong) With Frances!