Creating a vision board, refinement list, or setting and marking personal goals in any way that works best for you can turn into a powerful tool when it comes to visualisation.

Setting up goals and seeing them in front of our eyes on a regular basis helps us to stay on track and work towards them, building and transforming throughout the journey of becoming.

Applying certain essential oils, such as Frankincense or Sandalwood, topically to the skin may be believed to promote feelings of calm and clarity, which could be helpful in setting and working towards personal goals.

Frankincense in Rainbow Healing enhances the energy of Acceptance. Embracing ourselves as we are; our strengths and challenges, our unique signature.

Sandalwood’s energy is all about Leadership – expanding and learning how to operate in unity within.

We can turn to these powerful helpers on our journey of rebuilding, awakening and restructuring ourselves, the way that we were designed to be our AUTHENTIC SELF.

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