Watching the moon rise last night, I was totally mesmerized. So many thoughts kept flowing in . . . Time to really REFLECT and RELEASE 

Do you ever select similar cards or the same card over and over again? This pattern sometimes surprises us! If you repeatedly pull Creation these days; it might have something to do with the full moon! Creation is all about manifesting, getting those things clear in your mind. Clear of what you truly are ready to release. As I draw these cards or get them on the App, I really pay more attention to what’s in there. When I looked at the Fire in the Creation, I can’t help but think:

  • What fears are you holding onto?
  • Which ones are you ready to release?
  • What beliefs are you afraid of releasing?

We all have a lot of beliefs, everything that has been drummed into us from the day of our birth onward. These beliefs that have been just pounded into our brains, into our very being, and some of them may not be applicable anymore but is it time to release.

That’s what this refinement process is all about, Grow Actively Refining Yourself.

Whenever you are pulling cards and you are unsure of the messages they hold, refer to Journey II for more detailed guidance!