Does anyone wonder what the Young Living farm in Ecuador is like??? 

 My daughter took this photo in the summer of 2012 when she and I were staying in the magnificent Treehouse.  Gary Young never does anything “halfway”!

 It has 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony . . . and a zip line to the water slide in the pool! All that  in the arms of an incredible seibo tree that is many hundreds of years old.  Not a single nail was put into the tree.  Instead, the treehouse was built around its lovely flowing branches which grow throughout the treehouse.  

The only challenging feature is that the TREE FROGS occupy it when humans are not there, and sometimes they hop in – or “on” us while we are sleeping!

Photo source: Pinterest

What comes from Ecuador?

Finca Botanica Farm

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil | Palo Santo Essential Oil | Mastrante Essential Oil | Lemongrass Essential Oil | Eucalyptus Blue Essential Oil | Dorado Azul Essential Oil | Ocotea Essential Oil | Plectranthus Oregano Essential Oil | Ruta Graveolens Essential oil | Chocolate

Mera Ocotea Farm

Ocotea Essential Oil