Holiday seasons can bring up a lot of memories. No matter what it is we are dealing with, healing happens when we are willing to let these memories come out, understanding that the same situation never has to happen to us again. We can let go of that trauma that is attached to those memories so that when we do experience an emotion again, we don’t have to deal with that past trauma again.

Consider an emotion such as fear. There are all sorts of fears. Sometimes these fears give us lots of energy. Other times they cause us to retreat, to go back into our shells, and to put a shield around ourselves so that we don’t have to deal with it. Meanwhile, someone else could face that same fear and because there’s no memories stored, they don’t have that need to retreat, they don’t have that same trauma. It is what we are attaching to that memory. It is from our memory banks.

So, we’re drawing things out of our memory banks all the time because that’s how we make reference to where we are. We look back and see where we were and what we did. If the result was not what you would choose to have, then perhaps it’s time to make a change. That’s where this digging into our feelings and letting go of these traumatic associations, these reactions that we have, that can make all the difference.

Your past and your pain need not define you. It is our Joy and our Celebrations that give meaning to our lives. 🌈🔥🦋🦄🌟

“Create the moments that you really choose to celebrate and to put them in your memory bank, remembering that celebrations are what give meaning to our lives.” ~Frances Fuller