When you are building, it’s important to create that strong foundation.  With a weaker foundation, it doesn’t last. You can apply this to a house, business, relationship – whatever are you are building in.

Uncovering and reclaiming your authenticity is the core work of that foundation.

If this is a step that you feel blocked by, gently ask yourself, what would assist you in removing the masks that camouflage who you really are?

Copaiba and Cedarwood both anchor the energy of Authenticity, along with Amber and Red Jasper.  

Take your Cedarwood or Copaiba essential oil, apply it, breathe it in, and visualize this sparkling apricot frequency, this energy that will assist you in understanding and truly identifying who you are.  This is so very, very helpful, uncovering a layer at a time who you are.

Reclaiming our Authentic Self is at the heart of Rainbow Healing Journey. It is truly understanding who we are, truly working with that refinement list. If we don’t understand what we choose to have in our lives, and possibly more importantly, what we choose NOT to allow in our lives, then we’re just floating in limbo.

When we understand and begin to realize that nothing is stagnant, then we can understand that we are actively growing. These things that we are choosing to have in our lives are to assist us in becoming who we are created to be, our Authentic Self.  This is the third step in the process of the Rainbow Healing Journey. 

Curious  to learn more?

Dive into Journey II for more detailed guidance. Contact hello@fullerlife.com to claim your copy!

Let the Journey be supported by the healing frequencies of the Rainbow Healing System…