Do you choose to eat wax??? Have you tried Young Living’s Fruit and Veggie Wash?Thanks, Daniw Arrazola, for taking the time to make this video to educate us all!

#WaxOnApples (watch the full video)


A personal experience today. Apples apples and more apples. We see it everywhere and the most favored fruit of our kiddos, but here is a video I took just this afternoon to show how it is not the best choice to give our family specially our kids who would most of time will just eat the apple straight without washing. 😞 This apple was already soaked in “tuba” Coconut vinegar for 10 minutes, which we usually do to all our veggies and fruits before eating or cooking to remove any dirt and pesticide residue and also, Young Living has fruit and veggie wash which is part of the awesome Thieves line!

This problem of waxing the apples existed long before the videos about lettuces sprayed with wax, plastic rice and egg arised. Before all that, apples has been treated w wax to preserve and last longer (thats why!!!!) before they are transported and Ive seen one video that it is the same w organic ones – it is part of the requirements for importing to another country. After watching this, pls pls. just peel your apple or opt for organic local fruits instead. Just enjoy the fruits that came from your own backyard or nearby farm. Remind your relatives and friends too, you have my permission to share.

#ConsciousLiving CREDITS: Daniw Arrazola