The shorter the time between the farm and your table, the less likely it will be for nutrients to be lost from fresh food

The typical supermarket contains no fewer than 30,000 items. We can usually get anything we want, whenever we want it by simply running to the supermarket.

But how many of us know where this food is grown and who is growing it? 

Rather than coming to us from thousands of different farmers producing different local varieties, most products in supermarkets have been globally standardised and selected for maximum profit by just a few powerful executives.

What about the quality of our food? 

Pesticides are pretty much everywhere now, in our food, soil, the air we breathe – but what can we do?

We can clean our produce properly!

Products enduring long-distance transport and long-term storage depend on preservatives and additives, and encounter all sorts of opportunities for contamination on their journey from farm to plate.

What we eat has lost some of its nutritional value through the long process of packing and shipping. It does not satisfy our hunger as easily, so we eat more. Many pre-packaged foods also contain sugar to make them more tasty, even when they are not considered sweet foods.  

When it comes to pesticide exposure; it is known that it has been linked to many diseases, including Alzheimer’s, asthma, ADHD, cancer, depression, hormonal imbalance… and many more!

Support local farmers, grow your own food, and for the sake of your health – clean your produce properly.