What does loyalty mean to you? 

I looked it up or I Googled it because I like to see what kind of definitions might be there. 

What I found was that the opposite of loyalty is betrayal and that loyalty means to hold steadfastly to the beliefs or the attachments, or just to hold on. I have always looked at that as being loyal to things that I grew up believing.

As I began meditating and thinking further, delving inside me, I began to realise we are in a period of massive change. 

Would you agree?

I was a Math Teacher, so I grew up doing things exactly the same way all the time. Some core beliefs may never change but it might be worth to really sit down and examine. 

Examine your beliefs, your actions and ways of doing things – are you holding onto them? 

For me it was that inflexibility that had to change. All my life I fought against change… 

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