What would happen if we didn’t have a lymphatic system?

If our lymphatic system were not present in our body, we would not be able to drain the excess fluid, so our tissues would swell due to the accumulation of fluids and cells would literally drown, or become stagnant in the accumulated fluid and it would become the breeding grounds for infection.

The lymphatic system has three major functions, which are discussed here: Tissue drainage; Fat transport; Immune responses.

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues, vessels and organs that work together to move a colourless, watery fluid called lymph back into your circulatory system (your bloodstream). Some 20 liters of plasma flow through your body’s arteries and smaller arteriole blood vessels and capillaries every day.

What does the lymphatic system actually do?

It transports toxins out of the body.

The circulatory system has the heart to assist in moving the blood throughout the body.  However, the lymphatic system has to rely upon support from us to move the lymph.

What are some of the ways we can support the lymphatic system?

  • BODY MOVEMENT is key as everything in the body works better when we are active.  It doesn’t have to be a vigorous exercise in a gym.  A brisk walk can do wonders.
  • BREATHING is an excellent way to support the movement of lymph.
  • BODY BRUSHING (dry brushing) can increase circulation as well as eliminate dead dry skin cells on the surface of the skin.  Be sure to brush over the organs and lymph glands.