“Listening to guidance, choices, looking through my life as I did, writing my book and re-experiencing the twenty years of getting myself from my previous life to where I am right now. I realised how I could never, ever have planned it. There is no way I could have planned how to get from there to here and I am so grateful that I managed to listen, just often enough, to really make the decisions that moved me forward – and they were not the logical decisions.

​They were not the things that one would expect. However, now I have the ability to eagerly look forward with great anticipation to every single moment.

Understand by whatever way it is that you will have that opportunity to experience listening to your guidance, letting go of all that judgement and just releasing those beliefs about the way things must be and allowing that inner child to play so that you can experience every present moment to the fullest.

If you are committed to getting rid of the things that you really choose not to have in your life, that can open up so many possibilities.


What’s in the process for you?