What do you do when you receive questions about medical issues?

With respect and responsibility to people, company and our own selves, we can support and address general wellbeing. This is my answer:

We cannot give protocols for medical conditions.

What I CAN do is to assist you in understanding what is going on in the body and how essential oils can be applied in general.

I have found the 4 major things that contribute to hyperacidity are:


The first three must be eliminated from the diet, and many of the essential oils and blends can assist in managing stress. (Think about the names of the blends. Is there one that really stands out for this?)

In addition, the COLON must be cleansed in order for the toxins to have an exit route from the body. 

When the colon is clogged, toxins just remain inside and create challenges throughout the body.

Additional WATER (minimum 2-3 liters daily) can make a huge difference. So can LEMON essential oil and DIGIZE blend.

Once the body begins to detoxify, many symptoms may diminish.

Inflammation is created by too much acid, and inflammation always creates pain.

Essential oils may support the body in minimising the effects of inflammation but YOU must contribute by eliminating the things that are contributing to the issues and by adding better nutrition.

When applying essential oils, they can be layered topically without dilution unless they are likely to cause skin sensitivity.

Frankincense is one of the LEAST likely to cause skin sensitivity. All essential oils are also very effective when inhaled. This can be done by putting a drop or two in the palm, rubbing hands together, cupping hands over nose, and inhaling deeply 6-8 times.

This can be repeated as often as desired – even every 30-60 minutes.

The more often oils are applied, the greater the effect. 1-2 drops often are far more effective than a lot at one time.

I hope this assists you on understanding how the body works as well as how to apply essential oils.

There is also much information on the Internet about the connection between too much acid in the body and many diseases and conditions. Wellness and vitality are all about BALANCE.