Lets talk about what Frances describes as poison #2! 

Why I gave up some years ago…

Here is some things that caffeine does to body:

  1. Triggers release of stress hormones that interfere with immune system function and gives artificial stimulation
  2. Blocks the production of infection fighting antibodies
  3. Contributes to insomnia which increases immune system dysfunction
  4. Increases dehydration which causes many body functions to not work properly
  5. Often causes irritability
  6. Elevates insulin and triglycerides, which may complicate heart health and diabetes
  7. Increases stomach acidity
  8. Causes potential loss of calcium, magnesium, and B-vitamins
  9. Coffee or caffeinated teas are often accompanied by other unhealthy eating

Sounds like enough reasons to avoid it.

Coffee is a strong diuretic. Meaning it prevents nutrient absorption and is dehydrating. I feel a LOT better since quitting! It’s also addictive and effects sleep quality, even when drunk in the morning. Pretty sure I heard that last sentence from Dr Greger. Just eat enough fruit to get the antioxidant benefits.

Psst, decaf is not any better!

Thank you, Carol Chua for sharing!

Coffee has compounds in it called acrylamides which are some of the most carcinogenic compounds known. No one is worried about drinking coffee in moderation, and research shows the synergistic effects of the compounds in coffee may even have some health benefits.

Have you ever thought of replacing your coffee with Ningxia Red?