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When I was in Florida, I was in a few health fairs doing five-minute energy sessions for free. There was always a lot of interest. I decided to do that and spent my time connecting with as many people as possible. I was excited to have my new name cards there along with a brochure that we hastily put together so that I could give something tangible to people.

Offering free “Stressbusters” proves to be a good choice as the queues at my booth were continuous. These people later form the core of my student base, and they began bringing their friends to the classes in my apartment. I hold classes every single weeknight and on Saturdays and Sundays. During the days I hold personal appointments for massage, Rainbow Healing, Raindrop Technique, NeuroAuricular Technique, Reiki, personal counselling, and anything else I am qualified to teach.

My long walks to the Botanic Gardens have shifted to yoga stretches on the living room fIoor and meditating with my essential oils and Rainbow Healing glyphs, followed by a short walk in the gardens of my condo either on my way out or as I return home.

Excerpt from A Fuller Life (Page 162) ✨