Gary created Valor in 1995. Its formula was the paragon of simplicity: Four essential oils – Black Spruce, Rosewood, Frankincense, and Blue Tansy. Almond oil formed the base.

For decades Valor was the linchpin of the Raindrop technique and was one of the most widely used (and cloned) of Young Living’s blends. 

How did Valor evolve over the history and why did it happen to be so? What does it have to do with Sacred Angel and why is it called that way?

“By 2012, the regulatory climate of rosewood became more onerous and the supply even more precarious. I formulated a “Rosewood replacement” blend that allowed Young Living to remove Rosewood from over 42 different oil blends. I told Gary, “all existing Rosewood must be conserved for Valor and White Angelica.” Valor was too important to go out of stock. And Rex and I had field-tested a Rosewood-free White Angelica with Diamond Level Distributors who were decidedly unenthusiastic; this made me nervous … very nervous.

As I continued my reformulation work on White Angelica, our production team accidentally adjusted the formula that produced a spectacular aroma, but was significantly different from the regular White Angelica. When this happens, the QA/QC department has only one recourse: Disposal.”

Post written by: Marco Gentile; Gary’s long-time top chemist – Continue reading: 

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