Have you ever heard of people saying “essential oils don’t work”?

Well, if you are struggling with wrapping thoughts around answers you can give, read this text written by Chris Bowebank from YL Science & Research

“I was in a retail store recently and noticed a shelf of Essential Oils for sale at a ridiculously low price.  Out of curiosity, I purchased a few to test in our Young Living R&D laboratory.  The attached photo shows the results from our analysis of the retail store’s Tea Tree Essential Oil versus a recent lot of Young Living’s Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia).  

Even though the appearance, color and aroma “seemed” to be ok, laboratory analysis clearly showed that the store’s oil failed several Young Living’s specifications. Whatever was in the bottle, it certainly did not meet the Young Living’s standard. If other companies only “test” via their nose when they fill a bottle, that is not authentication.

(Edit: green = pass, red = fail, purple = questionable)

Here’s the truth – It MATTERS where you buy your essential oils from.

Have you heard of Seed to Seal? It is quality over cost. Unlike many other companies, Young Living is the only company that can guarantee you will receive the first distillation batch of essential oils. What does first distillation mean?