What are some of the other words that mean joy to you? We can think of excitement, special, family, friends, noise, music? 

These were some of the things that came up for me. Celebrate. 

So, I looked it up, I Googled it, and I found that synonyms for “celebrate” are honour, praise, blessed, and glorify; I thought that’s not what I’m thinking. Not quite exactly what I’m thinking. 

So, I looked up the antonyms and that’s where I found more about what celebration means to me. The antonyms, the opposite of celebrating are disregard, forget, ignore, neglect, and overlook. None of those words are comfortable to me and that’s the opposite of celebrating. So this month (and every month) I am going to choose to do the opposite of those words. I don’t choose to overlook moments of my life. 

After all, celebrations are what give meaning to our lives, to our very existence to set moments apart. 

Choose to celebrate each day. Happy August to all of you! Celebration blend is available with the promotion in Singapore this month; for your intention to be even more supported!

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