Have you recently chosen the Self Worth Hologram in your Daily Practice?

One of the properties of the vibration of Self Worth is recognizing the value of your unique gifts, and the combination of those gifts. This hologram is made from the synergy of the three glyphs of Forgiveness, Acceptance and Divine Union. These are the frequencies anchored by Geranium essential oil, Frankincense and Sacred Frankincense and Jasmine essential oil.

It’s on your app, and if you have it you can also get out the guidebook that came with the physical card deck.

What does this support?

There are many different aspects, some we discuss below.

One of these other aspects is understanding or transcending the pattern of self-righteousness. Another is the elimination of the martyr pattern, along with increased belief in one’s own knowledge and abilities, and overcoming feelings of unworthiness.

That makes sense, would you agree?

Truly accepting and welcoming into your energy field the vibration of Self Worth will definitely assist in overcoming feelings of unworthiness.

There is another aspect – learning to pace oneself rather than pushing far beyond reasonable limits. How many of you have ever looked out and compared yourself to someone else, and then decided to push yourself, to drive your body harder, drive yourself harder? That is a pattern I recognize, particularly when under stress. Does anyone else recognize this happening along your Journey?

So what is the answer?

One approach is that we embrace that synergy of Forgiveness, the forgiveness of our old patterns, and Acceptance, acceptance of who we truly are, acceptance of the patterns we recognize, and embrace that Divine Union of reweaving all the parts, all the forgiven, accepted, and even the unrecognized parts of our experience, back into our Authentic Self, recognizing our truly unique combination of gifts.

The next practical thing is to not beat ourselves up if we fall into that pattern of pushing so hard, of falling into a pattern that reflects a lack of self-worth. These feelings of worth-less-ness, when we are pushing ourselves, and this lack of self-love, can sometimes carry over into illness, disease, and even accidents. So to counter that, you may decide to choose a focus on eliminating the pattern of self- sacrifice. As we each move along with these cycles that come in and begin getting rid of those things that really are holding us back, then we can begin creating the life, creating the environment, creating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body that each of us chooses to have.

This is an exciting time for us to be in the energy of letting go, of transforming, of getting through these old patterns so that we can start anew, creating exactly those experiences we choose to have. 🌈πŸ”₯πŸ¦‹πŸ¦„πŸŒŸ

Credits: New Life Journey