Carrot Seed Essential Oil is commonly mistaken for both Carrot Seed Carrier Oil and Carrot Carrier Oil. The former carrier oil is obtained by infusing a vegetable oil with cold-pressed Wild Carrot seeds, while the latter is the result of infusing a vegetable oil with macerated Wild Carrot or Carrot root then straining it. Thus, both are infused oils, though one is infused with the seeds and the other with the root. The essential oil, however, is commonly steam distilled from the seeds.

This flowering plant, known for its white blossoms and carrot-scented roots, is also called wild carrot and Queen Anne’s lace.

Carrot seed oil is a fantastic essential oil for aromatherapy and skincare. It can boost your mental health, calm your nerves, and improve metabolism. Further, it can keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

The use of Carrot Seed Oil originated in the time of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, French, and Indians, who used it to soothe inflammation and ease indigestion. In some of these geographic regions, it was combined with the essential oils of Bergamot and Lemon to address the same ailments.

Carrot Seed Oil has found uses in traditional Chinese medicine, which applies it as a bath or massage oil to address muscle pain or as an effective treatment for intestinal ailments such as dysentery and worms.