The 6th Glyph of Rainbow Healing is Acceptance. This is the energy of nurturing of self, embracing who you are and who others are, and allowing yourself and others to each have your unique journey.


So often we slip into judgement, but it’s not about judgement, not at all! It’s about accepting who we are, what choices we may have made in the past, who others are and what choices they may be making.

This is about Embracing. 🌈

The silver color, and that heavier frequency of Hematite, along with the frequency of Frankincense and Sacred Frankincense, anchor this vibration of Acceptance. These are gentle energies that will anchor that acceptance of who you are, who others are, and that gentleness of allowing our self and others, each their own paths.


Questions for Exploring Acceptance:

🦄 What do you find hard to accept, either in yourself, in your world, or in your relationships?

🦄 What things do you easily embrace?

🦄 What are the aspects that you hold the most judgements about?

These are questions for you and your journal, although we always welcome any insights and sharing you choose to share! 🌈🦋✨

Credits: Rainbow Healing Cards; Join for more here