No matter how strong individual parts may be, they must work together, or very little is accomplished. Even in our physical bodies, if the different organs do not work together, there is illness or disease. Ylang Ylang essential oil and Rose Quartz crystal anchor the vibration of Unity and promote the concept of collaborating in harmony.

The pale pink energy of Unity is anchored by Ylang Ylang essential oil. Ylang Ylang represents relationships, not just relationships with others, but relationships with all the parts of Self. This is about making all those parts come together, and work together, in harmony.

Are there some with whom you have challenging relationships? It could be that layering Ylang Ylang along with Geranium (Forgiveness) and Sacred Frankincense or Frankincense (Acceptance) could be quite helpful – or using some of the blends and products that contain this magical essential oil. Here’s a challenge! Using your Rainbow Healing Cards App, who can identify which hologram combines Unity, Forgiveness, and Acceptance?

Unity is not just about being great yourself, or in one part having all healthy parts, it’s about weaving those parts together so that they work together in harmony.

If we have a healthy heart and healthy lungs, and they do not work together, then we do not have a healthy cardiovascular system. Do you get the idea? When all the parts of ourselves are working together in harmony, unified in the purpose of being who we were created to be, then we experience the vibration the glyph Unity is holding.

Having this unified, harmonious energy field will help combat negativity, enhance self-esteem and even spiritual attunement, and will enhance confidence and inner peace.
What does this Unity glyph mean for you, for your relationships, and in particular, your relationship with your Self?
Unity, the 9th step on the Journey of the Glyphs, is associated with collaborating or coordinating – organizing everything and making it work together in harmony. Rose Quartz is the crystal that anchors the vibration of Unity.
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