This vibration is associated with Integration, which is bringing all the parts together and making (us) whole. By weaving the vibration of Integration into our energy field, we are able to assemble all of the gifts, knowledge and special abilities that are rightfully ours, and weave them together, according to our True Blueprint.

Jasmine essential oil anchors this vibration. You may also wish to hold the crystal of Blue Lace Agate, which holds the frequency of the glyph of Divine Union.

Making ourselves whole by reweaving ourselves – does that inspire any visions or memories for you? 

Divine Union and the reweaving, integration, and making a harmonious whole piece of all of our aspects, can be a challenge, and is always rewarding. Use Geranium essential oil to forgive yourself. Breathe in Lavender essential oil, as you craft the structure of the New (Whole) You. Cedarwood or Copaiba can support your most Authentic expression of your gifts. This truly is a step along the Journey of the Glyphs that INTEGRATES each of the preceding steps.

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