The most positive impact in our lives comes from decisions that we make from the heart. Would you agree? Sometimes, we have to learn to unlearn. We can learn to focus on releasing the mind patterns from the past. This learning is not always a mental process, but a process of accessing your inner knowing. It is about getting out of the head and into the heart.

Freedom is the frequency of release, and this can also mean releasing the hold the past has over us.

Apply the essential oil of Lemon, and if you have them, hold those crystals with that lemon yellow vibration, the Citrine. Intend that your fears and outdated beliefs that are holding you hostage to the past, and any attachments to places, things, or even to the way things are done, that they simply slide gently away. Intend that this release is bringing about greater freedom in every aspect of your life experience. That freedom to be who you truly are, your Authentic Self.
Breathe in deeply, and as you exhale, release the old, spent breath and those spent ideas and beliefs.

If you were free to be whatever and whoever you truly are, what beliefs would you choose to release?

If you could be, do, or have anything at all, what would you choose for yourself and your life?

You may choose to write your answers to these questions in your journal. Take some time to reflect on the answers you receive. Did you discover new items for your Refinement List, those things you choose to have in your life, and those things you choose to no longer allow?

Credits for the poster: Tan Kai Hiang

Do you feel yourself becoming lighter without the weight of those extra things?


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