“I have started working on Rainbow Healing over 25 years ago. It’s been my PATH.”

Frances Fuller

Along the way, many tools have been created. Rainbow Healing Cards come with a guidebook and consist of glyphs, archetypes, holograms and elements.

The 10 Glyphs are the basic tools of the Rainbow Healing System. Each glyph is encoded with a large amount of information that can be integrated through focus upon and/or interaction with the glyph. So, the first step is to get rid of our blocks. 

Now, this is the JOURNEY of the glyphs.

The Archetypes help in understanding Self and others.

The Elements are the building blocks on Earth and they are important to fully anchor in order to remain in harmony with the energetic flow of the Earth. 

Holograms are equated to energetic libraries of information and each of the holograms hold frequencies of tri-tones which when integrated into the cellular structure and DNA, holds the knowledge necessary to release patterns that prevent one from moving forward.

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