By now you might have heard that essential oils hold the ability to enhance the frequency. Rose essential oil has the highest frequency that Gary Young tested – he couldn’t find any other oil highest than Rose. However, Rose is rare and not many of you might have it around. 

You can search for your Northern Light Black Spruce, which is more frequently finding a spot in our essential oil holders –  it is also enhancing the frequency of COMPASSION – the 4th Glyph of the Rainbow Healing System. It is thought to be of extremely high frequency. Using the Northern Lights Black Spruce, may have the ability to raise your frequency.

More on Northern Lights Black Spruce

You can also choose to enhance your frequency with SOUND – with the singing bowls or with the bells! I have been rubbing my bells and my bowls with the various essential oils, with the intention of enhancing their frequencies. 

Autobiography of Frances Fuller

When sound is projected into the ailing area, it brings it back into a state of harmony and, therefore, a healthy state. The use of sound has been shown to heal various parts of the body, mind, and spirit.

You can play singing bowls as a way to:

💜 Ground and centre yourself when feeling unsettled

enhance meditation,

💜 Clear negative energy in environments by directing the vibrations from the bowl to the surrounding space,

💜 Heal by directing the vibrations of the bowl to out of balance physical, mental, emotional, and energetic spaces.

Do you have a way that you love to use singing bowls? Do you have your way of enhancing YOUR frequency?