What would assist you in finding the perfect balance between giving and receiving?

Nurture yourself and others while attaining that perfect balance of giving and receiving.

Allow energies of COMPASSION to bathe every cell transforming them into a loving state of peace.

The number 4 is associated with self-expression and self-fulfilment in terms of symbolism. It is also the number of COMPASSION Glyph in Rainbow Healing System.

When it comes to Northern Lights, Cory Howden is the most knowledgeable person – after all he was on site with Gary Young as the farm was being built! He is the farm manager where this essential oil is made, and by clicking the link below, you can check what the team does to keep impurities out of Young Living oils (Thank you Leesa Yates Black for sharing!)

Listen to Cory Howden here

COMPASSION PENDANT to empower you whenever you need it close

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