Did you know?

Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Hydrosol is a distillation water that hydrates the skin and hair, adds a welcoming aroma to linens and the air in your home. 

Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Hydrosol comes from the Kona Sandalwood Reforestation Project in Hawaii. It is produced during the distillation of our luxurious Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil and has many of the same constituents in a lower concentration. Like Young Living’s Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil, this hydrosol is distilled only from dead or dying sandalwood trees in order to preserve ecological balance and to maintain respect for the sacred land.

Have you ever heard of Kona Sandalwood Restoration Project?

The Kona Sandalwood Reforestation Project is a great example of how our farm partnerships strive to preserve cultural values. At this location, only dead or dying sandalwood is harvested to maintain the ecological balance and to follow the deeply rooted Hawaiian belief in humanity’s responsibility to maintain a respectful relationship with the land.

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