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Photo: Credits to Nicolas Landel

Lavender of Young Living

Why do we have the best Lavender is a question I’m asked almost everyday on the farm and there is a simple answer:

The Lavender we grow at Young Living comes from Seeds, making each of our plants unique and different in the field, different color, size, smell and of course making a different oil. As you can see in the picture, I cut stems from 5 plants next to each other and none are alike. This is how nature intended it.

Growing from seed is called a population and nowadays it is not as common as you would think.

Another way to grow Lavender would be to select one plant in a field (often the biggest one to have a bigger yield) and to do stem cuttings, in other words to clone it and make a field out of this clone. This would allow you to get a lot more oil per field but not a better quality.

Clonal Lavender are all identical in size, shape and smell, producing the same oil, as in a Population Lavender each plant produces a different oil. When we harvest our Population Lavender and distill it, we bring all these differences together making the best quality Lavender oil.

We also worry about the sustainability of our Lavender at Young Living, when you collect seeds like we do, the plants transmit information letting them evolve over time adapting to changes in soil, weather and environment.

As with clonal Lavender this isn’t possible.  It will always remain exactly the same as it was when it was selected (most of the clonal Lavender in France were selected over 50 years ago) since then everything has changed except these clones.

Photo: By Young Living team

Today, we are one of the last companies to grow and believe in Population Lavender, thanks to our Founder Dr. Gary Young!  Almost everyone else has moved to a clonal Lavender for better yields. We follow our standard Seed to Seal and always will.

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Photo: By Steven Shumelda

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