How empowering it feels to know exactly what goes into your body. Thanks to these beautiful animals that we care for at Fuller Life Bali, we know that our fertilizers (produced by them) are serving the soil well. It is essential for the food we grow and turn into a masterpiece you can recreate if you choose to follow Flavours.

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Our wonderful cows are taking care of the first steps, and thanks to Young Living, we make sure all veggies and fruits are truly clean and ready to be served and eaten at our restaurant overlooking amazing Organic Gardens. 

Did you Know?

Many people think goats are top for controlling weeds, but sheep, with a diverse diet that extends far beyond just grass, are terrific weed eaters. Check where sheep are caring for fields – fields that produce one of our all-time favourite essential oils we guarantee you too, have at home!

What’s that in the fields at Young Living’s Mona Utah farm?  You guessed it – SHEEP!  Sheep may be the best “weeders” ever.  Many thanks to Nicolas Landel, Manager of Young Living’s Lavender farms in France for teaching us this!

They truly are essential!

From YL Mona Utah Farm: