“One day, as my session with Steven was about to begin, I looked at him and said, “You look like you need this more than I do. Why don’t I work on you?” He studied me for a minute, and said, “Okay.” As I prepared to begin the session, I was petrified. Oh my gosh! This is STEVEN. He will know everything that I am doing – and what if nothing happens? To say that I was consumed with fear and self-doubt is a vast understatement!”

Excerpt from A Fuller Life (Page 74) ✨

Read through the story of Frances Fuller – the autobiography of her work, her healing journey with many memorable episodes that took place along the way!

A Fuller Life is the story of Frances Fuller’s life. From the moment Frances left her hometown in Richmond Virginia in 1996 and moved to Florida to start my new life at the age of 65. Travelling to her very first Young Living convention in Salt Lake City in June 2002 that changed her life forever… the events that came after, led to where she is today – Royal Crown Diamond, Young Living, Founder of Fuller Life Bali and the Rainbow Healing System.

We hope that our story will inspire you to create the life that you truly desire!