The CITRUS oils are highly detoxifying which can cause rashes if one is hyperacidic. When another product is applied over the already irritated skin, if that product contains synthetic ingredients of ANY sort, the citrus oils will cause further detoxification. That is often the explanation for a rash getting worse when cream is applied to the rash. ‼️

I personally do NOT ever apply citrus oils topically on the body other than on the PALMS 👐 or the BOTTOMS OF THE FEET 👣

Areas that are particularly more sensitive would be thighs, neck, inside of upper arms, OR on any area that will receive sunlight. Most citrus oils have the potential to cause people to be more photosensitive to the ultraviolet rays of the sun if applied topically where there will be sun exposure.

Once someone has a rash, CLEANSING the colon and taking DIGIZE along with SULFURZYME capsules may be extremely helpful. LAVENDER (a few drops in a spray bottle with WATER) can be sprayed on the rash to soothe it if itchy. TENDER TUSH may also help to heal it. Others have found that LAVENDER LIP BALM is very helpful directly on the rashes.

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