Life energy – where does it come from? 🌀

We get our energy from the food we eat 💚 and all of that food is derived from the energy of the sun. Oats, bananas, sesame seeds, beans and many more, (find delicious, healthy recipes HERE)

From mastering our Sacred Space – knowing of the power that lays within, mastering the space to hold it in. Tune in to Rainbow Healing for the Journey of the Glyphs to guide you through the discovery of YOUR Sacred Space.


Movement narrates energy balance in our space – how and when we move directly affect our experience. If we encourage the movement of our body, energy flow will increase and allow us a more profound reset during resting time. The stimulating, spicy-pine fragrance of En-R-Gee is perfect to kick start your morning or to give you an energy boost before physical activity. 💥 More at the bottom of this post!

Lighten your load 😌 take time for your energy to recover, to claim back the power, for you to be able to move forward fully charged and aware of energy exchanges around you, constantly in motion. Take time off in a space that supports your wellbeing holistically, Fuller Life Villas are built with the intention of sacredness and healing. Visit THIS PAGE to learn more! 💫

🦄 Life gives us energy as well as energy gives life. What we think, attempt, or aim, we manifest. Have you ever heard the saying: Life goes where energy flows?

Simply put, energy balance is the relationship between energy in (intake) and energy out (expended). Know when it is time for you to lift the spirit up, and know when to take a rest. Let it flow! 🌊



Fresh and herbaceous, En-R-Gee essential oil blend is an invigorating aromatic lift when you need it most. The stimulating, spicy-pine fragrance is perfect to kick start your morning or to give you an energy boost before physical activity.

Enjoy the stimulating, spicy-pine aroma of Rosemary, Juniper, Lemongrass, Nutmeg, Balsam Fir, Clove, and Black Pepper premium essential oils.

  • Idaho Balsam Fir: Has an empowering aroma
  • Nutmeg and Black Pepper: Have an energizing aroma
  • Rosemary: Has a stimulating aroma

ATTENTION: This is a Photosensitive oil! Avoid direct sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after topical application.


  • Diffuse En-R-Gee during your morning ritual to jump-start to your day.
  • Apply it topically to feel inspired and ready to take on the world.
  • Diffuse it while focusing on work or studies.
  • Diffuse it during long drives or late-night study sessions for an invigorating aroma that will help you push through.
  • Diffuse En-R-Gee at work or home.
  • Add a couple drops to V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex and massage it into temples, bottoms of feet, or the back of the neck before a challenging activity for an exhilarating scent.